5 Ways To Get What You Want Out of Life

get what you want out of life
get what you want out of life
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“It is not the decision you make that is most important; it is the degree of commitment with which you make the decision.” – Bo Barlett

Generally speaking, you are in charge of your own destiny. While you may not be able to change past experiences, you will always be able to change your perception of those experiences and how you choose to live your life moving forward. 

What is it that you truly want to get out of life? Maybe it’s to travel the world and write about your adventures, completing a marathon, have an income stream of $100,000 per year. Whatever you want to achieve over the course of your life, just know that you can achieve it. 

It’s not going to be easy though. You are going to have to learn to take responsibility for your current life and understand that if you want something that you don’t have, then you need to be willing to do something you aren’t currently doing. Accountability is usually a word that many fear, but in this case, it is going to be your best friend. You need to hold yourself accountable to achieving your dreams, because unless you do, you are never going to break out of the cycle that you are currently in; the cycle of not achieving much.

While I am no expert, over the course of the last two years, my life has changed far beyond my expectations. Today, I want to share with you some tips for how I did this. Here are 5 ways to get what you want out of life. 

get what you want out of life

5 Ways To Get What You Want Out of Life

1. Create Your Dream World

“Whatever your dreams are, start taking them very, very seriously.” – Barbara Sher

What does your ideal day look like? From the moment you get up in the morning to the minute you lie your head down on your pillow at night. From the activities that you do throughout the day, the location you are in, the weather outside, the food you are eating, to the clothes that you are wearing, write all of these things down in as fine of detail as you can.

Now that you have your dream day imagined and planned out, start altering some parts of your life to help you inch closer to achieving this dream day. While you probably aren’t going to achieve this dream life overnight, the closer you inch towards it, the closer you are to achieving your dream life. 

Take this seriously, too. Remember, this is your life. Nobody needs to know about this. Grab a pen and some paper, let your imagination run wild for once, and feel the freedom that comes with painting your own life. 

2. Set Goals For Yourself

What helps you to focus the most? For me, I focus when I have a plan written down in front of me. My mind tends to scatter at a million miles per hour, and if I don’t have a clear direction for which I want to go in, I tend to forget or not focus on this path. 

That’s why goal setting is important. If you want help focusing on the path in which you want your life to go in, then start writing down daily, weekly, yearly, and life-long goals for yourself. 

At the start of last year (and this is something that I am going to be doing every year from here on out), I created a life list. A life list is also called a bucket list, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. All you do is make a list for everything that you want to accomplish over the course of your life. 

To get more clarity on this list, break it down into categories. Spend a day writing down the things you want to accomplish over the next 90 days, the things you want to accomplish over the next year, over the next five years, and eventually, over the course of your life. 

Not only is this a fun activity to do, but it also helps to teach you a lot about yourself and your priorities. Be sure to include both short-term and long-term goals. Review this list once every other week or once a month. The point of it is to help keep you on track with your goals as we often forget or give up after only a short amount of time pursuing them. Having a list written out in front of you will help you to prevent both of these.

3. Prioritize What’s Most Important To You

Here’s the thing, some may counter this by saying that it’s important to give back. To that, I agree with you, and I’ll touch on that later. But it’s also important to prioritize your wants and needs as well. If you aren’t happy, then you aren’t going to be able to shed happiness into the lives of others as well. 

Whatever it is that you want to get out of life, simply go for it. The life that you are living is your one life to live. Do the things that you want to do, travel to the places that you want to see, create the memories in which you have always longed to create, and don’t be scared to prioritize the things that are most important to you. Unless you do, none of your wants and desires will ever become your reality. 

4. Watch Who You Spend Your Time With

A lot of who you are as an individual comes down to who you spend most of your time with. 

It is said that we are the sum of the six individuals who we spend the most time with. What this means is that if we spend our time around six negative individuals, there’s a good chance we will become the seventh. If we spend our time around six individuals who are working towards achieving their dreams, there’s a good chance that we will become the seventh. 

When you set goals and pursue your dreams, you want to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with those who are going to uplift you and encourage you to fight through the hard times. It’s not going to do you any good to listen to the pessimistic opinions of others, so find the individuals who are going to bring out the best in you and let them help you achieve the things that you want to achieve. 

5. Be Grateful & Give Back

Often times when we set goals, we focus on goals that we think will bring value to our lives. These include goals such as money, fame, cars, mansions, etc. While it’s fine to want to achieve these goals, they also leave us wondering what’s next. 

Once you achieve these goals, you will often feel a void of wanting to achieve something far greater, perhaps even something that is going to help create a lasting change in the world around you. 

This is why I find it important to practice gratitude and to give back when you can. There truly is no greater feeling in life than being able to not only achieve your dreams, but to help others achieve their dreams as well. And it doesn’t have to be in the way of money. You can help others achieve their dreams by giving them your time, your encouragement, your advice, and yeah, maybe money if that’s what you desire. 

The point is, if you want to get the most out of your life – that feeling that you are living a fulfilled life – then there’s no better way to obtain that feeling than to give back and help to make the world a better place. That is the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling of all. 

Final Thoughts

Every day that you wake up, you do so never knowing if it may just be your last. So why hold anything back? 

Draw out the life that you dream of living, work towards achieving that life, and live the life that you deserve to live. It’s not going to be easy, but if you want to make the most out of your life, then you need to be willing to work for it.

Michael Bonnell

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