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from patient to physician

from patient to physician

How to go from patient to physician

Do you ever get that feeling when you are reading a book that the author is talking directly to you? It is almost as if they have been following you around and they know what is going in on your life. It is scary, right? Yeah, scary and a tad bit creepy. Well, that is how I felt when I was driving to work and heard Joel Osteen’s podcast From Patient to Physician. The thoughts of the podcast and the conversation he was having with the audience seemed to be pointed directly at me. It was the concept of where I am wanting to go with my life; from patient to physician.

Everyday, I have the same morning routine. I get up, get dressed, hop in my car, and turn on the podcast app on my phone. Yes, they have to be inspirational and positive podcasts or I will not listen. Listening to inspirational and positive podcasts help to set my motivation for the day and helps to get into the right mindset so that I can take on any challenge. Today was a little different. Instead of listening to my usual podcasts, my mom had told me to listen to Joel’s podcast. Within a matter of seconds, I was hooked.

It was special because it talked about overcoming obstacles in life and taking it one step further. Overcoming these obstacles and being content in life is simply not enough. It is far too selfish. Since we have been blessed enough to be healed, now we need to become the healer. We need to share inspiration with others to help give them the motivation that they need to overcome their obstacles. All of the valuable lessons that we learned need to be provided to others who are going similar obstacles.

For some reason, a select few of us were blessed enough to find our power to break the addictions. Now we have the opportunity to help others to break their addictions. We got back on course with our lives. Now we need to help others get back on course with their lives as well. Think about it. God did not heal us for the sole intention of making our lives better. I mean that is part of the reason, but it is not the only reason. The other reason why God healed us, is so that we can provide inspiration to others, and so that we can become healers.

That is my purpose and meaning in life. My purpose is to help and heal the wounds of others. I want nothing more in life than to continue to live the amazing life that I am living and help others to see how amazing their own life truly is. Since I have been blessed enough to see light at the end of a dark tunnel, now it is my turn to help others to see that same light.

I will never know why I developed the mental illnesses and hardships that I have endured. But I am glad that I did. I know that God gave me the power to overcome these hardships and is now using me to help others overcome their own hardship. He knew that I would continue to fight, and He knew that I would want to give back. Whether or not you are a believer, you still do have the capability to overcome any obstacle that you may face in life. You just need to believe in yourself and believe in your abilities.

Sure, there are still days where I struggle more than others. Even though I am overcoming the illnesses of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, they will always be apart of my life. But I am blessed because I can confidently say that they will never be as controlling as they once had been. They will not be seen in the negative manner that they were, but rather in a way to help to inspire and motivate others.

How many twenty-five year old males do you know who have suffered from depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder? Odds are, not many. I am not ashamed to admit my illnesses anymore. In fact, as I am sitting here and writing this, I think it is kind of special. The disorders themselves sucked, there is no doubt about that. But the fact that God gave me strength to overcome these disorders, and is now using me as an outlet to help others, that is something that is truly special.

The point is, everyone is going to make mistakes in life and everyone is going to face obstacles. Nobody is perfect and nobody is superior to one another. What we learn from these struggles and mistakes, and what we do with them is truly what defines us as a person. You don’t need a medical degree to help others. You just need to believe in yourself, your abilities, and share your knowledge. Help others to see the light that you are fortunate enough to be. Do so by going from patient to physician.

Michael Bonnell



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