Tired Of Constantly Feeling Down On Yourself? Prove It!

feeling down on yourself
feeling down on yourself
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I am just going to write from the heart and hope that all of this makes sense.

There is nothing more soul-crushing than feeling down on yourself, feeling like you aren’t good enough, feeling unworthy of the things that you want in life, and feeling little to no hope for what lies ahead.

Trust me, I get it. I have felt these emotions for many years, and sometimes, I still do feel them.

Today may be one of those days. Nothing has seemed to go right, and I am finding myself struggling to believe that I am capable of achieving the things that I desire. I see myself achieving my dreams and being the successful person that I want to be, but the same question keeps popping up in my mind, when?

When will my dreams become my reality? When will I achieve the success that I know I am deserving of? What more do I need to do?

The answer to the last question: prove it. If you are tired of constantly feeling down on yourself, then you need to prove it. You will never change your ways until you have truly had enough of the doubts and fears that you are experiencing.

And if you don’t change your ways, the emotions that you are feeling will only get worse.

It’s yours for the taking.

Everything that you want in life probably already exists. What does this mean? It means that somebody has already achieved it before you, so whatever it is that you desire, know that it is possible to achieve.

In the unlikelihood that your desires have not yet been achieved, why not be the first to do so. Everything around us has first started with the imagination of man, so why not let your imagination run free and create whatever it is that you desire?

Do it for yourself.

As I said earlier, if you are tired of constantly feeling down on yourself, then you need to prove it. You don’t need to prove it to your parents, not to your friends, not to those who follow you on social media, but to yourself. If you want change in your life, then you need to prove it to yourself and only for yourself.

Words have power, but actions speak louder than words. Unless you take the initiative in your life and actually strive to achieve the things that you want, those desires will never become your reality. Talking about the things that you desire is only part of the process. The other part is actually doing it.

Let me give you an example.

I’m twenty-five years old. I would say that I’m good looking, but yet, I still get scared of talking to females. Kind of like a middle-schooler in their first relationship.

A few nights ago, I was on a walk with my mom. I told her about my dream of travelling in a van, blogging, waking up wherever I wanted, and maybe sharing the adventure with a girlfriend.

Her response, “You need to talk to one first.”

It’s not the slap in the face that I initially took it as, but it’s the truth. If I am tired of feeling down on myself for having a hard time talking to females, then I need to prove that I have had enough and want to change by doing just that – talking to a female.

Until I have truly had enough of feeling down on myself and incapable of love, nothing is going to change. If I ever want to start dating, get married, have a family, and share my life with somebody else, then I need to prove that I have truly had enough, and I need to be willing to change.

It’s not easy.

Nobody ever said that change was going to come easy. In fact, it never will. But if you are tired of constantly feeling down on yourself, then you need to prove it. Not because you think that it’s going to make others happy, but because it’s the only way that you will happy.

If you want something that you don’t currently have, then you need to do something that you aren’t currently doing. Prove to yourself that you are truly tired of constantly feeling down on yourself, change your ways, and live your life to the absolute fullest. You deserve nothing less, and never let anybody tell you differently.

Michael Bonnell



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