How To Feel Good About Yourself

feel good about yourself

feel good about yourself

Feel good about yourself.

There is much more to life than just looks. If you want to be happy, then you need to feel good about yourself and the person that you are becoming.

I used to think that I had to look good in order to feel good about myself. I thought that the only way to get friends and to become “popular,” was to look a certain way, and have a certain physique. For me, this meant a major weight transformation. I figured that once I lost weight, then I would actually like myself.

For those of you who have share similar thoughts, I want to tell you that this is the biggest crock of BS. Whatever you are doing, get those thoughts out of your head right now. Forget the idea of looking good for others. As long as you feel good about yourself, that is what truly matters.

I have been sitting here for two hours trying to figure out a way to get my words out. After a lot of thought, there is no right or wrong way to say what I am feeling. I just want you to listen, and try to understand where I am coming from.

Ask yourself a few questions. Have you ever been to a restaurant and made you food choices based solely on the nutritional info? Do you know what it is like to starve yourself for for days at a time just because you messed up on your diet the day before? How about the idea of not eating a piece of cake on your birthday because you don’t want to get fat? Lastly, do you know what it is like to faint because you have been fasting for days?

Well, unfortunately I do. I know what all of the above feel like. And let me tell you, they are not fun, nor are they worth it.

Being healthy is more than just looking healthy. Even looking healthy is different for everyone. There is no one person that is the same as you. We all come in different shapes and sizes.

Being healthy is also about feeling healthy both mentally and spiritually. Being healthy and feeling healthy are about loving yourself for the person that you are, loving the body that you live in, and loving the life that you are living. It is much more than just our physical appearance, and that is something that I took for granted.

I am not here to tell you how to live your life. But I am here to help and possibly save one person from having to go through that pain that I experienced. Please, if there is one thing that I want you learn from my mistakes, it is to be yourself. Don’t focus on your appearance. Focus on having a healthy mind and loving every single minute of the only life that you get to live.

Your value is not defined by how much you weigh, or by how much you eat, or by how you look to others. Your value is defined by how you feel about yourself and the impact that you make on the world.

One of my biggest mistakes in life is that I listened to other people instead of listening to myself. I listened to others call me fat, or when they said that I had to look a certain way, or when they told me that I was worthless. I listened to them, and I believed them.

Changing my appearance didn’t make me happier, and it didn’t make me healthier. Instead, it lead to depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. It lead to years of self-abuse and self-hate, years of hating the person that I was, and years of breaking down my body to the bone.

So was it worth it to look healthier instead of feeling healthier? Absolutely not. As a person who has experienced both lifestyles, focusing solely on my appearance was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I would MUCH rather have a healthier mind than to “look healthier” in the eyes of others. Others who really don’t give a shit about me.

So the next time that someone calls you too fat, too skinny, or too whatever, just ignore it. None of those attributes define the person that you are. You are beautiful in many more ways than just your appearance. Feel good about yourself, and love the life that you are living. That is what truly leads to a healthy life.

Michael Bonnell



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