Excuses Will Only Become Regrets

excuses will only become regrets
excuses will only become regrets

Do you feel happy with where you are currently at in life? Do you feel like you are giving yourself the opportunity to succeed, or do you feel like you are holding yourself back?

I wish I could say that the majority of us are giving ourselves an adequate opportunity to succeed, but the truth is, we all hold something back.

Instead of giving ourselves the opportunity to succeed, we allow ourselves to use excuses for why we can’t achieve our desires instead of why we will achieve our desires. What we fail to realize, though, is that all of our excuses will only become regrets.

Your excuses will only become regrets.

Apologies in advance if this offends you in any way, but know that my sole intent is only to help you in finding your true strength.

When I was going through the dark times in my life, excuses consumed all of my thoughts. I would tell myself that I wasn’t deserving, I would try tomorrow, I didn’t have the proper knowledge, or the worst of all, I will just wait my turn. Yes, my turn to succeed.

Um… what?

Do you have any idea how many days and years these excuses prolonged me from finding any amount of success or happiness in life? Many! And for what? So that I could let others steal my success and “wait my turn?”

This life that you and I are living right now, this is the only one that we will ever get. Every second of our past is time that we will never get back and time that is ticking off of our internal clocks.

Life isn’t about waiting your turn, having all the proper knowledge before you do something, or waiting until tomorrow or when the time is right. Forget that! The time will never be right to start chasing your dreams and tomorrow may never come.

Just do it.

The only way, the only proven way, to turn any desire of yours into a reality, is to just do it. Stop limiting yourself, stop telling yourself that you will do it later, and just f*cking do it. At the end of your life, you will look back on the things that you didn’t do with the time that you had, and all of the bs excuses that you came up with at the time will only become regrets of yours.

Nobody deserves that.

Everything that you aren’t willing to do will only remain an uncertainty. The thing about uncertainty: it houses so much greatness that is just waiting to be released. Unless you put aside your excuses and tap into the uncertainties of life, you will never know how great you can truly be.

Enough waiting.

This is your one life to live, your one shot to turn any and every desire of yours into a reality. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t achieve something, and don’t think that you have to wait your turn to achieve the things that you desire. Go out, work hard for everything that you want in your life, and take it. Not because you are greedy, but because this is your life and you deserve everything that you are willing to work for.

Those who are viewed as successful are viewed this way not because they made excuses, but because they acted on everything that they wanted to achieve.

We all have the opportunity to succeed directly in front of us, so it’s time that we do it. Quit limiting all that you are truly capable of achieving, and remember that unless you start acting on your desires, your excuses will only become your regrets.

Michael Bonnell



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