Everything In Life Takes Time, & It’s Always Different Amounts

everything takes time
everything takes time
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Daily Blog #349

One of the best pieces of advice that I could ever give to somebody, a piece of advice that I have always struggled to find, is to be patient. Everything in life takes time to come to fruition, and the time that something takes to come to fruition will always be different.

Patience has never really been a strong suit of mine. Just like the majority of everybody else, when I set out to achieve something, I would rather accomplish that something sooner rather than later. I envision, I work, and I become obsessed. I do everything in my power to achieve my goals as quickly as possible.

But is this a realistic way to think? Is it realistic, or even healthy for that matter, to have an overwhelming obsession to immediately achieve all of our wants and desires the moment that they start to flood our minds?

The truth of the matter is that it isn’t. It isn’t healthy or realistic to have this mindset. Why? Because nothing worth having in life comes each, and nothing that comes easy in life is worth having.

Whatever you are doing right now, or wherever you are at in your journey of achieving your goals, take a moment to just reflect on your life. Reflect on everything that you have been blessed with in life, and reflect on all that you have already achieved in your life.

Too often it seems that we get caught up in the rush of achieving every little goal in the quickest amount of time that we forget to enjoy the process of achieving that goal, and we forget to enjoy what we already have right in front of us. We race around, we scatter from place to place, and we run lose trying to achieve that goal that will bring us happiness to the point where we fail to realize that there is already so much to be happy for. Eventually, we get burned out because once we achieve that “thing” that makes us happy, only then do we realize that happiness will come when we achieve more.  

I get it as I have been there many, many times. But one thing that I try to focus on once I reach this stage of mental exhaustion is to slow down and reflect on the fact that everything in life takes time, especially anything in life that is worth having. If our goals didn’t take time to achieve and if we didn’t have to work hard to achieve them, then what would be the point of setting goals? There wouldn’t be a meaning behind actually achieve our goals and there would be zero sense of reward once we do achieve them.

You might think that there is no time to possibly slow down because you have so much that you want to achieve, but look back on your life and acknowledge how much you have already achieved. Acknowledge how far you have already come, everything that you have been blessed with, and acknowledge the life that you have directly in front of you. Odds are the life that you are living right now is far greater than you are giving it credit for.

The point is that everything in life is going to take time to achieve. No matter what goal you want to accomplish or how you want your life to look, if it is worth achieving, then it is going to take time. As unfair as it may seem, the time that it takes to achieve will always be different for every single person. It may take you a year and somebody else a week, or it may take you ten years and somebody else a lifetime. You just never know.

With that said, though, don’t forget to enjoy the life that you are already living. Don’t let the idea of achieving a dream stop you from living the dream that you already have directly in front of you. No matter what you have or haven’t accomplished in life, you are still living the greatest gift.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t feel like you aren’t making as much progress as you wish to see. But remember to be patient, and remember that everything in life takes time. As long as you never stop believing in all that you are capable of achieving, I promise you that good things will come.

Michael Bonnell



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