Embracing The Good And Eliminating The Ugly

embracing the good

embracing the good

Why you should be embracing the good.

There has been something that I have always hated about fall. I don’t know if it is the fact that summer is now over and school has started, or if it was because the days become shorter and the nights become longer. Either way, fall has always been my least favorite season. That is until this year.

Honestly, I think part of the reason that I have always hated fall so much, us because it was during this season that my life took a turn. It was the fall of my junior year of college when I was diagnosed with depression. I also started my battle with my eating disorder, and fainted in the schools cafeteria because I was starving myself.

Every year since that dreadful year, I have absolutely despised fall and all things related. It didn’t matter how good or bad my life was at that time. Every time I tried to change, I would just get into my own head and automatically prepare for the worse. I would always look back and reflect on that one year. It seemed as if those terrible memories would just never escape my mind.

Up until this year, my life has been all about defense. It was all about preparing for the worst and doing whatever possible to prevent the negative thoughts from turning into a reality. I was living every single day in fear, and it did absolutely nothing good for me. The only thing that fear did to me was take away all of the true beauty that surrounds me. It took away every ounce of enjoyment from even being alive.

But this fall, I went into the season with a new approach. I started playing on the offensive side of things for a change. Not only am I playing offense, but I am owning the opponent. The opponent being the negativity that once consumed my own mind.

I focused on staying positive, and I created a new and improved version of myself that was not going to let anything stand in my way. I wasn’t going to let the amount of light in the day, or the temperature outside dictate when it was that I was going to be happy in life. Instead, I was going to enjoy every single minute of fall, and soak it in for the true beauty that it brings.

Let me tell you something, it has worked. When I started focusing on all of the things that not only make fall incredible, but life in general as well, the majority of the fears and anxieties that I once had seemed to vanish. No longer was I looking to find the bad in every outcome. Instead, I was only focusing on the good.

It has made me realize that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, how cold it is getting outside, or how short the days are getting. There is beauty in everything. We simply just need to be willing to look for it by seeking the good instead of preparing for the bad.  

I honestly can’t remember a fall where I have been more excited to watch the leaves change colors, to get outside and smell the brisk fresh air, and to just live my amazing and beautiful life. And I mean this. Oh, and because I am basic, I have found a new obsessing love with pumpkin spice.

But that is perfectly fine with me. For such a long time, these were things that I hated because I was embracing the ugly parts of life, and eliminating the good. But not anymore. Now, I am loving and living my best life with every day that passes. That is something that I will never take for granted.

So I want to encourage you. We all have those things, people, or places in life that we don’t necessarily enjoy. Whatever that negative might be for you, challenge yourself. Challenge yourself by embracing the beauty and eliminating the ugly. Focus solely on the good that surrounds you, and ignore the bad. Watch how much happier of a person you will become, and enjoy how much more amazing your life will become.

Michael Bonnell



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