Embrace The Suck

embrace the suck

embrace the suck

What would you think if I told you that you suck?

Calm down, I am only partially being serious. But you know what, it’s fine to admit that you suck. I suck too. In fact, we all suck. So why not embrace the suck and let it actually help us.

When I say we suck, I don’t mean it in a negative way. We can still be happy and suck at something. Instead, I mean doing things that we don’t necessarily want to do, but they will ultimately benefit us down the road.

Look, I suck at a lot things. I suck at letting go of emotions, and I suck at putting myself into uncomfortable positions. I always have, and to be honest, I probably always will. That is just how I am.

Maybe you suck at focusing on the positives in life, or maybe you suck at speaking what’s on your mind.  

Either way, it doesn’t matter. You and I, we both suck at a lot of things. But instead of taking offense to the word “suck,” why not embrace it? Why not embrace the suck, and use it as motivation to better ourselves and those around us?

Ask yourself what it is that you want out of life.

My answer, and probably a pretty similar answer to yours, is that I just want to be happy. I want to wake up, be my own boss, not have to worry about being on time, chase my own dreams, and simply live the best life that I can possibly live. Eventually, I want to get married, have a family of my own, and leave the world in a better place then when I first entered it. 

But a better way to look at it, would be to ask myself what pain and suffering am I willing to endure in order to accomplish these things.

What pain am I willing to endure to be my own boss, to chase my own dreams, and to live the best life that I can live? Am I willing to believe in myself and actually follow my dreams?

What amount of suffering am I willing to experience in order to get married, and to eventually have a family of my own? Well, this one isn’t all that difficult to answer right now, because I still get nervous even talking to females.

All humor aside, we are never going to be able to achieve our dreams in life without enduring some kind of pain or suffering. Chasing our dreams is not always going to be the most exciting thing that we do. And it is definitely not going to be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Maybe you dream about being able to complete a marathon. You dream of running down the finish line with thousands of people cheering you on, your arms high in the air out of accomplishment, and that medal around your neck showing the world that you did it. You completed a marathon.

But ask yourself what amount of pain and suffering are you willing to endure in order to complete a marathon. Are you willing to wake up everyday and run for hours before you have to go to work? Will you be able to tolerate the endless amounts of blisters that are going to cover your feet? Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the countless amounts of running shoes that you are going to have to purchase?

Maybe your dream is owning your own business. You want to have a successful business with a lot of customers, your own employees, your own office, and your own VIP parking spot right next to the front door.

Again, ask yourself what amount of pain and suffering you are willing to endure in order to achieve this. Are you willing to put in the 60 hour work weeks to grow your business? Are you willing to take the responsibility for every bad thing that happens? Do you feel comfortable making decisions for more people that just yourself?

Reflecting on your dreams, you probably realize how many smaller tasks you actually need to accomplish in order to make your dreams into a reality. Now again, these things aren’t necessarily bad. They might just not be are not as enjoyable as achieving your desired dream itself. But if you truly want to achieve that dream, then you need to be willing to embrace the suck that comes with it.

The point is, you are going to have to be prepared to fail. Achieving your dreams is not going to be easy. There are going to be many times where you are going to want to quit, many times where you may even look like an idiot, and many times where you are going to question your abilities.

No matter how many times you fail, never give up. Embrace the suck, get back up, and give it another go. The minute you give up, is the minute that you settle for being ordinary. And let me be the first to tell you, you are meant for much more than just ordinary. Live to be extraordinary, and live to be the best that you can be.

Michael Bonnell



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