The One and Only Way to Eliminate Jealousy

eliminate jealousy

eliminate jealousy

As much as I hate to say it, I am a bit of a jealous person. Yes, I sometimes find myself envying the lives of other people. There used to be times where I would think to myself, “Man, I wish I were that person. Why can’t I have their life?”

But the more that I thought about it, I finally realized that I didn’t want to be a different person. I just wanted the things that I didn’t have.

I feel that we can all relate to this. Think back on the last time that you were jealous of somebody. Maybe it was somebody at work, or maybe a friend. Do you wish that you were that person instead of yourself? Or do you just wish that you were the one who got that promotion at work, or who drives a fancy car? See where I am going with this?

For the longest time, I used to wish that I was somebody instead of the person that I am. Whether it was an athlete, an actor, or a successful person, I used to think about how cool it would be to actually be that person. The truth is, I didn’t want to actually be that person, I just wanted the things that they had in life that I didn’t have.

One of the people that I admire the most is Gary Vaynerchuk. There is just something that I love about his work ethic, and his attitude with life in general. It amazes me how one person can hustle so hard in life, while caring so little about what other people think of him? Seriously, here you have a multi-millionaire who is going to garage sales on the weekends to flip coffee mugs.

But even though I am jealous of him, that doesn’t mean that I would want to necessarily be Gary Vaynerchuk. I am just jealous of his “hustle your ass off” attitude. I am jealous of the fact that he gets to travel the world, the fact that he lives in New York City, and yeah, the amount of energy and happiness that he seems to have.

The good news is that jealousy is a natural human emotion that we all have the ability to overcome. How can we do so? Well, the only way to eliminate jealousy in life, is to go after what it is that you truly want.

I can be jealous of Gary Vaynerchuk all I want for the things that he has in life. But when I become jealous of him, two thoughts immediately come to my mind.

The first being that Gary Vaynerchuk has been following his dreams for years, working from sun up to sun down ever since he was a teenager, and is still grinding harder than anybody else even with the amount of success that he has.

I, on the other hand, have only been following MY dreams for a less than a year. I know that I can and will achieve my dreams, but it isn’t realistic to expect to be on the same scale as somebody who has been following there for decades.

The second thought that comes to my mind is the fact that I have every single ability in front of me to fulfill any one of my dreams. If I want the things that I am jealous of such as; living in New York City, having a strong work ethic, and having endless amounts of energy and happiness, then what’s stopping me. In fact, we all have every single ability right in front of us to live the life that we want.

If you want to pack up and move, what is stopping you? Move to wherever it is that you want to live. This is your life.

If you want to have endless amounts of happiness in your life, what is stopping you? Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up instead of those who drag you down. Focus on being happy, and focus on being positive. This is your life.

If you want to be your own boss what is stopping you? Follow your dreams and start your business. This is your life.

We all have every chance at obtaining whatever it is that we want in life. But everything we want lies on the other end of our fears. This is seriously your one and only life. What is stopping you from living your life to the fullest? Use your jealousy as motivation to chase your dreams.

That is the one and only way to eliminate jealousy from your life. You eliminate jealousy from your life by getting what you want. And how do you get what you want? By letting go of your fears, and working harder than ever until you have what it is that you are jealous of.

We can all sit around and envy the life of others all we want, but that is not going to bring us closer to what it is that we actually want. We need to be willing to work harder than we ever have, believe in ourselves more than we ever have, and be more appreciative of the amazing blessings in life that we already do have. All of these things together will help us to eliminate jealousy from our lives by turning our jealousy into our reality.

Michael Bonnell



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