Don’t Like Mondays? This Might Help

don't like mondays

don't like mondays

How to get over the Monday blues.

Ever wish that you could just get a fresh start? A day where you could wipe away anything that happened in the past, and just have a clean slate moving forward? Well my friends, say hello to Monday.

It is Sunday night. As you winding down and shifting your mind to get ready for the week ahead, you are probably asking yourself what happened to the weekend. How did those two glorious days seem to go by so fast? Then, you get to thinking about the weekend ahead. You just have to get through five more days just in order to be on your own time again, right? Wrong.

Call me crazy, but I actually love Mondays. Mondays for me represent a fresh start. A new slate wiped clean, and a week full of promises. A new opportunity to accomplish as much as I can possibly accomplish in five full days.

Honestly, it is Thursdays and Fridays that I dislike the most. Come the end of the week, I realize how little I actually accomplished in retrospect to what I wanted to accomplish. It just leaves me feeling somewhat disappointed, and left questioning myself as to what I could have done differently throughout the week.

Ok, back on topic. Personally, I don’t believe that anyone actually hates Mondays. Would you feel the same way if you were your own boss? I believe that we all like the idea of having a fresh new start, and we also like the fact that we have the entire week to look forward to. But the real reason you don’t like Mondays, is probably because you don’t like what you do during the week.

Maybe you don’t like going to your 9 to 5 job Monday thru Friday. Maybe you don’t like the people that you work with, or the environment in which you work in. Or maybe you just don’t like the fact that you gave up on your dreams in life, so now you are having to spend your to help somebody else chase after their dreams.

It’s okay to admit it. In fact, 70% of Americans admitted to hating their jobs. If this is you, maybe it’s time to ask yourself why. Why do you continue to torture yourself for a job that you hate? Why are you spending your life working for someone else, instead of spending that time creating, and following your dreams. And why are you giving up five out of the seven days in a week to only live your desired life on the weekends?

I am not advising that you walk into your office tomorrow, put your middle finger high in the air, and tell you boss to have a nice day. That won’t get you anywhere. But instead, spend your spare time wisely. Spend your spare time chasing after your dreams so that someday, you might actually get to be your own boss.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” -James Dean

What if I told you that you had one week to live. Not that I want this to happen, but hypothetically speaking. It is Sunday night, and next Sunday, you will die. Scary to think about, right? But how would you feel about the next day? How would you feel about Monday?

The truth is, you would probably go out and do everything, and see everything that you have ever wanted to do. Before work, after work, during work, skip work, whenever it is, you would be living on your own terms.

Let me ask you a few more questions. Why are you not doing that now? Why are you not creating the best life possible for yourself right now.

We never know when we will actually die in life. Maybe it is in 50 years, maybe it actually is next Monday, or maybe it is tomorrow. We just never know. There is so much uncertainty in life, that we don’t even know what tonight might bring. So don’t hold anything back. It doesn’t matter if it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, go out and live the best life that you can live, and accomplish whatever it is that you are dreaming of. Work hard, and always stay positive. 

Michael Bonnell



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