Discovering Your Truth

discovering your truth
discovering your truth

If you were to ask yourself what’s holding you back the most in life, what would your answer be? 

Maybe you had a rough childhood. Maybe you were teased and bullied repeatedly. Maybe you can’t hold onto a job and think that there must be something wrong with you. Maybe it’s the fact that every relationship in your life seems to go to complete shit, or maybe it’s others telling you that you will never be good enough. 

Whatever the reason may be, let it go. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but you have to trust me on this. 

Discovering Your Truth

My past – well, I had my own problems just like everybody else. I was bullied, told that I wasn’t good enough, became diagnosed with depression, had the pleasure of experiencing what life was like with an eating disorder, and because of all of this, I grew to hate myself as a person.

Life sucked! But surely I wasn’t to blame for my issues. I only experienced these hardships because of the people that put me through them. 

The kids at school, they were the ones who made me depressed and are the reasoning behind my eating disorder. They are the ones who put me through hell each and every day because they had nothing better to do. They are the ones who made my life miserable. And guess what? Despite not seeing them in years or never confronting them, they still controlled my life.

Now, thankfully this isn’t me… anymore at least. But isn’t this how it normally goes? Surely we are never to blame for our own flaws. We are who we are because of our past, because of the people who shaped our past, and because of the events over the course of our past. Needless to say, our past is the reason for our struggles today.

discovering your truth

Forgive, Forget, and Look Ahead

See, it’s easier to blame others or situations that you have experienced rather than to blame yourself. But what if this is only going to result in you holding onto the misery of your past. What if instead of discovering your truth today, you are living a life of lies. I know I was.

I could describe in detail the people that used to tease me and the things that they did. This doesn’t necessarily make it the truth though. It would just be my perception. Everything from our past is simply our perception, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way or the only way.

Maybe others didn’t see it the same way I did. Maybe I wanted to be a victim and allowed everything to happen to me. Maybe I fabricated what I perceived my truth to be in order to feel better about myself. 

Regardless, whatever truth we hold on to from our past, it will only sabotage our present and future.

Learn To Let Go

The thing about the past is that it doesn’t have to control you unless you allow it to. Holding on to a past that was filled with pain and misery doesn’t mean that you have to love the rest of your life feeling that same pain and misery. 

The beautiful thing about life is that you have an opportunity to wake up each and every single day to a fresh new start. Forget the past. It has come, it has gone, and no matter how badly you want to change it or sit and contemplate all that you would have done differently, you will never be able to. Learn to let go!

If you are stuck in life, just know that you are only stuck with whatever it is that you have held on to. You may have had a less than ideal past, you may have experienced endless amounts of pain and struggle, but that is the past. You are not your past. You are what you do from here on out to live the life that you want to live. The only way to better your life, though, is by accepting the past and letting go of what cannot be undone. 

Think of it like this is you will. Your end goal in life is represented by a painting. A beautiful, stunning masterpiece. Where you are right this very moment, that is your blank canvas. Not when you were born, not when you were 10 years old, but right now. This is where you start. 

You can’t go any further back than from starting with a blank canvas, so you know not to even try. Well, this blank canvas represents life. You can’t go back any further than what you are doing today, so why do you then try to change the past?

Final Thoughts

Discovering your truth starts with letting go of a past in which you cannot change. Everything happens for a reason, but right now – in this very moment – it is your choice to decide if you are going to move ahead and make the most of your life, or if you are going to hold onto a past filled with lies. Life is a journey, and every day you have an opportunity to create the journey that you wish to live. It’s not about being perfect, but rather about being who you want to be. Choose today to let go of your past, start fresh, and make the most out of your life to come.

Michael Bonnell

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