Dealing With Struggles: How To See Past Your Struggles

dealing with struggles

dealing with struggles

Dealing with struggles in your personal life?

Well hello everybody! I hope that you are all having an amazing day. Recently, I have been in the mood of starting my posts with a question, so here it goes. When it comes to emotions and dealing with struggles, what would you rather feel in your life; positivity, inspiration, and excitement? Or would you rather feel negativity, and doubt?

If you are human, I bet and hope that you would prefer to experience life with nothing but positivity and excitement. Well, if this is what you want, then why aren’t you doing it? See, everyone in life is dealing with struggles of their own, but it is how we perceive these struggles that will truly impact our overall attitude on life. Dealing with struggles is never easy, but sometimes, these are the struggles that get us to appreciate what we have in life. So here is how you should deal with struggles in your personal life.

Oh dear, here I go again talking about my own personal story. I am sorry for bringing up my personal story so many times, but it is what I best relate to. Depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder were not easy to overcome. In fact, there were days when I didn’t know if I would ever overcome these struggles in my life. While they caused many low moments in my life, the recovery process led to such as high. These struggles helped me to realize that no matter what, I have an amazing family that will always support me, I have incredible strength to overcome any obstacle, and I don’t need the approval from others to be happy with my own life. It took an all time low point in my life for me to realize what an amazing life I already had.

It is simply not worth it to stress and let the little things in life drag you down. In being from the United States every single one of us is spoiled, and every single one of us has a good life. People throughout the world are not packing up and moving to Mexico, or to Canada, or to other countries across the pond. They are moving to the United States. Why? Because they see an opportunity for freedom and they see a future in which they have the ability to control. So while all of us have it good in life, for some reason we still find the smallest things in life to complain about.

In our life, we can chose to look at the small percentage of negative things, or we can chose to look at the far greater amount of amazing things. If somebody gives you a compliment about the way you dress, you will say thank you and move on. In ten minutes, you probably won’t even remember who gave you the compliment. If someone cuts you off when you are driving, well that’s another story. Odds are that you will honk, probably flip the bird, and let it negatively impact your day. So share something with me. What good is this doing for you and for the world around you? Well I don’t want to be waiting forever because the truth is, there will never be a good excuse to let negativity overtake positivity.

The only reason we share our struggles with others is because we feel entitled. There are people (including myself) who have complained about the ac in their car not reaching the exact degree. There are people (like myself) who have complained about the meat not being cooked to perfection at a restaurant. Like seriously? You are probably reading this and making fun of me for complaining about these small things. Well guess what? Odds are that you have done it to.

Millions of people in the world would love a car with no ac. Billions of people in the world would love a piece of food in general. The point is, we all need to change our perception and see everything that we have in life as the blessing that actually is. Not only will we be happier and more positive in life, but we will have an easier time dealing with struggles.

I am not trying to make you feel bad about yourself or have your regret anything. I am trying to show you how good you, I, and everyone around us truly has it. There are going to be people in life that are going to say that they don’t care about your struggles and your problems in life. Well not me. I do care, and that is why I wrote this post.

I am sharing this because I want to show you how amazing your life actually is. If that means being a little harsher than usual to help change your perspective, then so be it. Once your perspective has shifted, you will see the freedom, happiness, and positivity that life has to offer. I am not judging you in any way, shape, or form. I am simply trying to provide you with inspiration to change your perspective so that you can have an easier time dealing with struggles. That is my purpose. By changing your perspective in life, that is how you should be dealing with struggles.

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