5 Daily Life Goals That I Focus On

daily life goals

daily life goals

The importance of setting daily life goals

Throughout my life, I have always hated the idea of setting goals. I am not going to lie, it was mainly because I was just too lazy. Well that, and I never thought that they would actually work.

I never kept a planner, I never had a calendar, and I never really had a “game plan.” My goals for the future were non existent, and I would never hold myself accountable to anything.

As I have grown older, I’ve realized something. We need goals. Without daily life goals, there simply isn’t much there to motivate us and to push us through tough times. We lack focus, we lack motivation, and we lack the desire to carry out basic tasks throughout the day. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it?

It wasn’t until I started establishing goals in my life that I started to see change. The things that were so distant finally seemed reachable, and I realized that maybe I do actually stand a chance at achieving what I want in life.

So, with all of that said, here are the my daily life goals that I am currently pursuing. Here are the things that I am going to achieve, and wont stop pushing until I do. Ready, set, go!

  1. My first goal is to be a better person to myself and to others around me.

Pretty cliche, right? But it doesn’t have to be. While I try to focus my life around doing good for myself and doing good for others, I sometimes get blinded. I sometimes find myself putting my own wants over the needs of others.

One thing that I want to do in life, is impact as many lives as I possibly can. I want to start volunteering my time, helping others to overcome struggles in their life, and really just put the needs of others before my own wants.

  1. Another one of my top goals in life is to be a motivational speaker and a mental health advocate.

Yep, I said it. If there is anything that I could do for a profession, it would be to speak in front of large audiences as both a motivational speaker, and a mental health advocate. We all have things that we are good at in life, and we all have things that we need help in overcoming. Sometimes, it just takes the encouragement and words of another person to make us realize how capable we truly are.

We all go through many ups and downs in life, but it is important to realize that we all have the power to overcome. I have never loved my life as much as I do now, and it all started when I learned to believe in myself, and to follow my own dreams. As long as we believe in ourselves and focus on staying positive, we can achieve anything. That is the message that I want to spread.

  1. I want to travel the world.

You really learn a lot about yourself when you break free of your normal environment and experience all that life has to offer. For me, that is by traveling and experiencing a world of new sights. I love experiencing new cities, seeing different people, and simply feeling free from being trapped in the same environment.

If you really think about how much of the world that you get to see over the course of your life, it is very minimal. I want to experience as much as I possibly can, and I want to see every bit of the world that I can. There are so many different, yet beautiful places all over the world that go unseen because we are often times too scared to break free.

  1. Overcome my depression, anxiety, and eating disorder.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I often talk about the strides that I am making in life. While I am making strides and am damn proud for how far I have come, I also want to continue on the path of progression. I want to continue until I do not see my mental illnesses as illnesses, but rather a brief time in my life that has come and gone.

To do so, I know that I need to keep on track with my goals to overcome my depression and eating disorder. I need to focus on seeing food as a necessity instead of seeing it as an enemy. I need to focus on seeing the good in everything instead of worrying about the negatives. And I need to enjoy the gift of life for what it is. If I can follow these goals every single day, I am confident that I will successfully overcome my illnesses.

  1. Be more open and meet more people.

Ok, so let’s get personal for a second. I do not know what other 25 year old guy would say this, but I legitimately have a fear of talking to other people that I don’t know, especially females. Of course I realize that it sounds like a lot of elementary school nonsense, but it’s the 100%, pure, no BS truth. I stutter, I get anxious, and I occasionally get sick. And no, I am not joking.

It is my goal to change that. I truly believe that I am meant to share my life with someone else. I know that in order to do that, I need to work on getting over my fear of talking to others. I’m not trying to make excuses, but I never used to think that I was good enough. After believing that for so many years, that is where a lot of the anxiety stems from that I now have to change.

The thing with each and every one of these goals, is that they are the truth. I don’t care if they are the truth for others, because they are my truth. These are the goals that get me out of bed in the morningT these are the goals that drive me each and every day. And these are the daily life goals that I was meant to achieve. I am holding myself accountable to making strides in my life, and it all starts now. Ready, set, go!

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