5 Best Personal Development Books For 2020

best personal development books for 2020

2019 was the year of reading. Well, at least it was for me.  I wish I could say that I was lying, but in 2019 I think I read more books than I have in my entire life combined. That may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. I never used to read. I hatedRead more

8 Tips To Develop Better Habits in 2020

8 Tips To Develop Better Habits in 2020

January 1st has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Everybody we know has set New Year’s resolutions for the year in hopes that the upcoming year in hopes to develop better habits in 2020. Who knows, maybe they have already given up on their resolutions – or even worse, maybe you have alreadyRead more

9 Surprisingly Small Habits That Will Steal Your Happiness

habits that will steal your happiness

Everybody wants to be happy in life. At least, it is my hope that everybody wants to find more happiness in their lives. And to be completely honest, it’s not all too difficult to become a happier person.  Unfortunately, though, it’s also easy to fall into bad habits – habits that will steal your happiness.Read more

5 Step Plan To Achieve Your Dreams

5 Step Plan To Achieve Your Dreams

Dreams, resolutions, goals, wants, desires, call them whatever you would like, it doesn’t matter. What is important, is that you have a plan of action for how you are going to achieve the things that you want to achieve over the course of your life.  The majority of people in today’s society are setting goalsRead more

Productivity Guide: A 4-Step Process for Starting Every Day Productively

starting every day productively

Imagine starting the new year off on a strong note – one that will carry enough momentum throughout the rest of the year to help you achieve the goals that you are setting for yourself.  See, many of us are the type of individuals who wake up, rush out the door, head to either workRead more

7 Things You Need To STOP Doing When You Wake Up

things you need to stop doing when you wake up

We’re often told that in order to maximize our success throughout the day, then we need to have a strong morning routine. And if you were to type in what it looks like to have a strong morning routine, you would be flooded with various posts, articles, and videos of what a good morning routineRead more

11 Steps to Setting Goals and Achieving Them

setting goals and achieving them

One of the best things that you can ever do to help increase your chances of finding success is to set goals for yourself. It’s that simple. Without setting goals and following them, it is going to be easier to lose focus and become distracted.  Goal setting not only allows you to determine the directionRead more

How To Better Deal With The Fear of Failure

better deal with the fear of failure

It’s normal to feel scared when you are faced with an opportunity to grow. It’s normal to hesitate and to wonder if you’re making the right decision. And it’s normal to push yourself as far away from the thought of failure as possible.  But if you push yourself as far away from failure as humanlyRead more

How To Grow Fast In Your Career

how to grow fast in your career

I have been in my current position for only a month and a half now, and I can say that I have never had a manager who has pushed me harder than the one that I have now.  To be fair, I have only had a few other managers in the past.  But still, afterRead more

How Do Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Success?

achieve extraordinary success

As much as I would love to say that I have life figured out, I don’t, so when I ask this question, just know that I am with you on this one. Asking myself: How do ordinary people achieve extraordinary success, is a question that runs across my mind almost daily. I’m curious. I wantRead more