What’s Your Reason For Not Living Your Life?

not living your life

What’s your reason for not living your life?  Of course you are living life, but are you truly living your best life or the life that you have always envisioned yourself living? Perhaps there is something out there that you want to achieve, something that you would rather be doing with the short time thatRead more

The Morning Routine of Jeff Bezos That Helps Set Him Up For Success

morning routine of jeff bezos

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the richest person out of the seven billion people that walk this planet? Well, Jeff Bezos is this man. Whether or not your goal is to surpass the wealth of Jeff Bezos or not, there are some things that we can all take away from JeffRead more

4 Ways to Get Over a Down Day

ways to get over a down day

I always assumed that when somebody was happy, that meant that they were happy 24/7. Part of me craved that life because I had assumed that if somebody was happy in life, that meant that they never felt any hardships.  For somebody who was struggling with negative emotions on a frequent basis, all I wantedRead more

One Simple Tip To Get Back To Being Happy

get back to being happy

Life can be incredibly challenging sometimes. There are times when the struggles of everyday life seem too monstrous to overcome, and there are periods in which we go through where we feel as if we will never find happiness again in our lives.  I have gone through this stage in my life before. For me,Read more

Being Hated By 75,000 Other People

what i learned from being hated

I went to a football game this past weekend in Kansas City, Missouri where the Kansas City Chiefs played the Minnesota Vikings.  A lot of my friends from Minnesota went to the game, and I jumped at the opportunity to get away for a weekend and to see a game at an NFL stadium thatRead more

What It’s Like Being An Enrollment Counselor

being an enrollment counselor

Working as an Enrollment Counselor can be an incredibly satisfying job.  Okay, I guess I can’t quite say that as I have only been an Enrollment Counselor now for two full days. But so far, I can honestly say that I am really glad that I made the switch from my previous job in theRead more

The Happiness of Pursuit: A Unbiased Book Review and Summary

the happiness of pursuit

I first became interested in Chris Guillebeau when my mom purchased me a signed copy of his book 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job for my twenty-sixth birthday. I had heard of Chris Guillebeau before and had listened to his podcast Side Hustle School a few times,Read more

Surround Yourself With Those Who Inspire You The Most

surround yourself with those who inspire you

First of all, here’s the deal, nobody is better than you just like you are not better than anybody else. Sure, there may be some things in which others are better at or in which you are better at, but that doesn’t make others any better of a human being than you or vice-versa.  EverythingRead more

When You Lack Motivation, Here’s What You Need To Do

when you lack motivation

Everybody goes through times in which you will lack motivation – even the basic motivation to make it out of bed in the morning.  Right now, I am going through one of these stages.  Not to get into all of the nitty-gritty’s of it because that doesn’t matter and you probably don’t really care, butRead more

A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning To Say Thank You Changed My Life by John Kralik

a simple act of gratitude

Summary Have you ever wondered why some people choose to practice gratitude? I mean, when most think about gratitude, they do not think of it being something that you practice, but rather something that you simply feel.  But science has continually shown there to be benefits to practicing gratitude. Not just a few benefits, butRead more