Stop Using Your Fears as an Excuse For Not Living Your Life

using your fears as an excuse

If you were to ask me what I fear the most in life, I’ll be straight up honest with you – I fear the loss of money. When I make a big purchase, there is always this thought in the back of my mind of getting let go from my job, having no money toRead more

Never Let An Opportunity Pass You By… Seize It

never let an opportunity pass you by

If you could go back in time and change one thing from your past, what would you change? Would you have started traveling the world like you have always wanted to? Would you have started working on that business that you always wanted to start a lot sooner than you did (if you have evenRead more

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Salt Lake City, Utah

travel guide to salt lake city

How about Moab, Utah?! That was pretty cool, right? After posting the travel guide to Moab, Utah, I realized that traveling has played a huge role in my personal development journey, and now I want to share these experiences with the world. So, here we are with another travel guide. This one is different though.Read more

10 Choices To Make That Will Lead To A Better Life

lead to a better life

Choices That Lead To A Better Life Life is a journey – one that is similar to that of a rollercoaster. There are going to many high points along the way, and there are unfortunately going to be some low points as well.  How we choose to live our lives, though, is completely and entirelyRead more

Learning to Let Go of Control & Surrendering To Life

surrendering to life

I woke up this morning and immediately felt the stress.  I got up, got dressed, jumped in my car, started to make the drive to work, turned on a podcast, and boom… the world’s largest wave of stress crashed into me and quickly began consuming my every thought.  Okay, so I am going to goRead more

Stop Doing That Sh*t: End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back

stop doing that sh*t

Do you ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Why certain things happen to you or why you were dealt the life that you were?  Sure, there are some things in life we have the ability to control. Things like our mood, our perception, our actions, what we choose to do andRead more

What Is An Enneagram Personality Test?

what is an enneagram personality test

I was updating my resume a week ago when I found myself struggling to find keywords to describe myself. After much thought and a substantial amount of frustration in not knowing what I was necessarily “good” at, I called my mom and asked her for some help.  She told me that one of the thingsRead more

How to Quiet Your Ego

quiet your ego

See that picture? Yeah, it’s a pretty cool picture, isn’t it?  My mom took that picture of me on our hike this morning up to the Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning, drive 30 minutes to the start of the trail, and hiked two miles up the steepRead more

6 Lessons I Learned From Getting 100,000 Blog Views

100,000 blog views

This past week when I was traveling to Moab, Utah, something happened that had nearly left me in tears.  I had done it. I had created a blog that has reached 100,000 views.  The best part is… it only took me sixteen months to get there. Yes, you read that correctly, sixteen, the big oldRead more

Discovering Your Truth

discovering your truth

If you were to ask yourself what’s holding you back the most in life, what would your answer be?  Maybe you had a rough childhood. Maybe you were teased and bullied repeatedly. Maybe you can’t hold onto a job and think that there must be something wrong with you. Maybe it’s the fact that everyRead more