How To Make Sh*t Happen by Sean Whalen Review & Summary

How To Make Sh*t Happen

For those of you who have been following me over the course of the last year, you will know that I have turned into somewhat of a book worm. After not touching a book for three years prior, reading is one of my favorite things to do now.  After finishing The 12 Rules For LifeRead more

How Reading Has Helped Me Grow As A Person

how reading has helped me

Books, books, books, I never thought I would say it but I actually love reading books. I never used to read. I hated it. To me, it was the most boring thing to do. I mean, why read when you can just turn on the TV and get all of the news and entertainment youRead more

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos Summary and Review

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

To say that Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos is an interesting read would be an understatement to say the very least. Imagine your favorite self-help book that is backed up with a whole lot of mythology, and oh, a lot of religious beliefs as well. If you are looking forRead more

How to Manage Life With Work, Goals, Health, Relationships, Etc.

how to manage life

Time management is something that a lot of us struggle with. We have big goals, ambitions, and desires, but when the time comes to pursue these things, we struggle to actively make them a priority in our daily lives. Oftentimes, we find ourselves using the same old excuse of not having enough time.  The realityRead more

Dealing With Changes – 6 Strategies That Help Me To Manage Change

dealing with changes

Life is constantly changing. Just when you start to get comfortable, life decides to throw a massive curveball at you. Some changes are in your control, and sometimes they aren’t. Our mood, our jobs, our relationships with others, our perception of the world around us, all of these are just a few of the commonRead more

How To Stop Lying To Yourself

how to stop lying to yourself

It’s challenging. As much as it pains me to say that, it is incredibly difficult to stop lying to yourself. At least this is true for me. And it becomes especially true in the face of adversity, conflict, and temptation.  It’s far too common and all too easy to cave into the lies that areRead more

How to Handle Rejection and The Feeling of Being Rejected

how to handle rejection

Rejection is never something that is fun to deal with. We have all experienced it before, and for the most part, we all hate the feeling that it leaves. It causes hurt, it causes a feeling of defeat, and it causes us to feel down upon ourselves – almost as if we doubt that weRead more

7 Ways To Love Yourself More Today Than Ever Before

love yourself more today

You have probably heard it many times before, but before you can truly learn to love others, you much first learn to love yourself. But what does it mean to love yourself? How do you actually learn to love yourself today than ever before? What if you are in such a bad place mentally thatRead more

Do You Need A College Degree To Be Successful?

Do You Need A College Degree To Be Successful

Success is one of those things that doesn’t necessarily have a set recipe. While there are things that we can all do to increase our chances of being successful, success itself looks different for everybody. What I might define as being successful probably isn’t going to be how you would define success. And what youRead more

Taking On Too Much At Once: How To Best Manage Your Time

taking on too much at once

Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling that you are simply taking on too much at once? It’s almost as if no matter how hard you try to stay caught up, you are constantly falling further and further behind?  Given how fast the world around us is moving, it’s incredibly common to feel overwhelmed. WeRead more