Project 365: The Start of the Daily Blog

Do you ever get that crazy idea that just wont leave your head? Well, that is where I am sitting at right now. I have really had a difficult time understanding what my purpose was in life. All I have ever wanted to do with my life is help people and make a living. I wanted to help people, but I wanted to do so in a way that would make me rich and bring me fame . Well, what happens when you have exhausted your efforts doing something and have not accomplished your goals? You get down on yourself. This is why I wanted to create a daily blog.

First, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Michael Bonnell. I am a 24 year old guy from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My life is pretty average. I have the most amazing family, I work a corporate job for a company that I absolutely love, and I am dedicated to my health and wellness. The only thing that I wouldn’t describe as normal, is my brains inability to turn off. I “suffer” from depression, anxiety, OCD, and yeah, I have an eating disorder. All of my adult life, I have been worrying about what people think about me, that I have forgot to life my life. I have tried so hard to be perfect and adapt to others perception of me, that I forgot to realize I was perfect in my own way.

You see, I originally started this website to be a sort of “review site” that I hoped would make money. I am not afraid to admit that. Again though, I was only chasing the dollar signs. A few days ago, something clicked in my head and my perspective shifted. I was not passionate about writing reviews for a few extra pennies. I was more passionate about doing something with this website that was going to truly help people. So what are some things that I value in my life? Well, I love health & wellness, technology, and life in general. Boom! That is what I am going to write about.

Project 365 (yes, this has a name) was created as a way for me to challenge and express myself. I decided that one way to do so was by writing a blog post everyday for 365 days on topics that I value. Not only is this blog going to be used as an outlet for me to express my emotions, but also as a way to share tips on topics that I think will hold some value to others. My hope is that by sharing these tips, maybe, just maybe it will help someone overcome an obstacle(s) in their life.

Before We get too in depth with this blog, there are a few things that you should know about me.

  1. I graduated from a 4-year college with an Exercise Science degree, so when it comes to health, I have a pretty good understanding on what I am talking about.
  2. A way for me to express myself and to stay happy is by being sarcastic. If we are too serious, nothing will ever be fun.
  3. I am terrible at writing. I am going to make so many mistakes that it might annoy some of you. For this, I am sorry.

It truly is my mission to help others live a better life. In this project, I am going to write about topics that I value in my life, and how I think that it might benefit someone. I am not saying that anyone should live their life how I live mine. I am just wanting to provide a different perspective to a wide array of topics.By doing so, perhaps it might help someone with living a better life. If you are interested in a different set of values, follow along and see how I might be able to help you!

Michael Bonnell


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2 thoughts on “Project 365: The Start of the Daily Blog

  1. Hello! Hope you’re doing awesome! Have read 2 topics from your blog and I wana read them all at once now! 🙂 Thanks so much for this! Ive always been into topics about life and how ill be able to know the purpose of my life. I would definitely love to learn more about it from you, especially now that I started going to the gym and living my life after graduating from my post college degree. Please continue inspiring other people across the world! Hope you could finish your project 365 🙂 Can’t wait to read what’s next! God bless and more blessings to you and your family! 🙂

    1. Jessy,

      Thank you so much for the nice words, it honestly means a lot to me. Keep following your heart and stay true to your beliefs. Life will unfold in the most amazing ways ever. I am so glad that you are following along and hope to help you in your path.


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