5 Ways How You Can Create More Peace In Life

create more peace in life
create more peace in life
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As I was sitting in church last night on Christmas Eve, I was captivated by the sermon from the pastor. 

I’m not going to lie, normally I am the type of person who will grab their phone as soon as the sermon starts in church and will play a game. This isn’t something to go bragging about, but my attention span makes it incredibly difficult to focus. 

But last night was different. Last night, the pastor was talking about peace, spreading peace, and the Prince of Peace. Last night, I sat there, and for probably the first time in my life, I listened to every word of the sermon. 

It’s one thing to say that you want to create peace in the world around you. As we all know, though, words mean nothing without action. To create peace in the world around you, you need to act, you need to find peace in the times of darkness, and you need to create peace in times of temptation. 

Peace is the freedom from any disturbance. It is the feeling of feeling safe and protected, and it is the concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. 

Read those again if you have to and let it all sink in. How amazing do these definitions sound? How amazing does it sound to live in a world of harmony, of societal friendship, and a world free from all hostility and violence? How amazing does PEACE sound? 

Sitting in church last night, I kept asking myself: What can I do to create more peace in my life? What can I do to create more peace in the lives of others as well? 

In asking myself that question over and over again, I realized that peace all starts from within. You can’t spread peace if you aren’t first at peace with yourself and with your life. So with that being said, I want to share some ways that will help you to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way and how to achieve a life of peace, tranquility, and abundance.

1. Come to terms with your past and let it go.

Let go of all that has happened and is still haunting you. It’s not going to do you any good to hold onto the things that you can’t change in your life. You aren’t going to be able to change the past, and you aren’t going to get any do-overs no matter how badly you want one, so why let it bother you? 

I know that it’s a lot easier said than done, but just acknowledge your past, learn from your mistakes, and simply let it go. That’s probably the best thing that you can do for yourself. 

2. Focus on today, and only on today. 

Just like it doesn’t make any sense to let your past determine your present, it also doesn’t make much sense to let your future conflict with the present either. 

The past can not be changed, and the future is all but certain. You can sit and ponder all of these different possibilities for how you think your future is going to play out, but life is so unpredictable that you don’t know where you will be tomorrow. 

Needless to say, don’t allow your future to determine the present. Focus solely on the present moment for what it is; a gift that you are never going to get to experience ever again.

3. Learn and forgive both yourself and others.

People make mistakes. That’s just part of being human. You make mistakes. I make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But the best part about being human is that we have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We can either allow our mistakes or the mistakes of others to negatively impact our lives, or we can learn from both our mistakes and the mistakes of others, forgive both ourselves and others, and simply move on. 

Those who find the most happiness and joy in life are those who continue to learn, who continue to grow, and who continue to forgive. 

4. Simplify your life.

As much as you can, simplify your life. Cut out all of the things that distract you. Cut out all of the things that aren’t going to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. And most importantly, cut out as much negativity as you possibly can. 

Negativity in any form is not going to help to create more peace in life. In fact, if you hold onto anything negative, whether it be past emotions or relationships, it will only lead to you living a more negative life. 

5. Spread as much peace as you can to the lives of others.

Lead by example. If you want to create more peace in life, then reflect what you want to create and help to create that peace in the lives of others

In doing so, not only are you going to bring more happiness into your life in knowing that you are helping those around you, but you are also helping to bring happiness into their lives as well.

Final Thoughts

Peace all starts from within. If you want to create more peace in the world around you, then you first need to be willing to create peace within yourself. 

Use these tips to help and create more peace in life. Not just more peace in your own life, but in the lives of others as well.

Michael Bonnell

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