Why You Should Choose To Be Yourself

choose to be yourself

choose to be yourself

Choose to be yourself, and live your best life.

I used to have this mindset. This mindset where I would focus only on others and wonder why others were so much more fortunate that I was. I would often wonder to myself why I could not have the things that I wanted, but others could. It just didn’t seem fair.

Seriously, I remember reading various success stories, and stories of people achieving their dreams, or going from all time lows to all time highs in life. I used to think that these stories were either made up, or that somebody was just trying to sell me a “get rich in life” scheme. Honestly, I never actually believed that I could feel the same way as the people in these stories felt; successful, happy, and grateful of life.

Well today, what I am feeling is almost indescribable. It is crazy for me to reflect on, because I feel like I am living one of those success stories that I never believed in. I feel like my life has gone from an all time low to an all time high. And I feel the happiest that I have ever felt in my entire life. And it is because I have chosen to be me.

A friend of mine messaged me a very good question today. It was a question that puzzled me for some time, and a question that really got me thinking and reflecting on the progress that I am making. “From the time you started writing to the point of right now, what are some of the top things you’ve learned?”

I don’t know what it was about this question that made it so difficult to answer. Maybe it was the fact that I had to think back and think about what had changed, or maybe it was the gratitude that I was feeling that so much had actually changed in my life.

The truth is, a lot has changed. I am nowhere near the same person that I was a week ago, let alone six months ago when I first started writing. Personally, I believe that I am a much better me. Not only do I feel that I am finally living my life to the fullest, but I also feel like I am making a difference for the wellbeing of myself, and for others around me.

All of what I am feeling in my life right now is because I am just being myself. Honestly, if there is one thing that I want everyone to take away from this, it is to just be yourself.

Right now, I am as happy as I am simply because I have started to follow my dreams. After years and years of focusing on what people think of me, I am finally starting to focus on what it is that I want for myself, instead of focusing on what others think of me.

It would be a lie to say that I don’t care at all about what others think. I think deep down we all care what others think to some extent. But it is very, very minimal compared to how much I used to focus and prioritize my life based on the beliefs of others.

Now I don’t want anybody to take that the wrong way. It is not like I walk around telling people that I don’t care what they think. No, I just know what I want with my life, and I know that everybody is going to have a different opinion. If somebody is going to be nice to, that is amazing. I just simply don’t want to waste anymore of my life, time, or energy focusing/hearing about the negatives.

The other major takeaway that I have learned since I first started writing, it to just simply live the best life that I can live on a daily basis. I know that it sounds cliche, (again I used to think the same way only because I didn’t know what that felt like), but just live. Nothing about my past said that I was living my life. Instead, I was living a life out of fear.

I used to believe that life itself was this long and drawn out game that we had to play safe if we wanted to survive. By the way, I see living and surviving as two completely different things. For me, living is experiencing, and making the most of this beautiful gift that is life. Surviving, I see it as simply meeting the status quo. But this truth is, we don’t know know if we will be alive tomorrow, in a year, or in a decade. So to me, it just doesn’t make sense to spend anymore of my life missing experiences just so that I can “live” for something that is not guaranteed. I have given up planning for the unpredictable moments, and for the most part, have started doing me.

Trust me, I know that life can be very difficult at times. But I want nothing more than for everybody to experience what it is that I am feeling right now. I am everyone to feel nothing but happiness, gratefulness, and gratitude for the incredible life that we are all living. Make a commitment to put yourself first, and choose to be yourself. And to my friend who asked me this question, thank you for getting me to think and reflect on how amazing my life truly is. 

Michael Bonnell



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