When The Going Gets Tough, Work Harder

when the going gets tough, work harder

Daily Blog #342 When the going gets tough, what are you more likely to do? Are you more likely to give up on yourself and allow your fears to control the life that you live? Or are you going to be somewhat of a badass and fight with every last ounce of energy until youRead more

Is It Worth It To Chase Your Dreams?

worth it to chase your dreams

Daily Blog #341 Life has been moving all too quickly recently. The days seem to be passing me by in the blink of an eye while only leaving a blurred memory. I haven’t been able to focus on the present moment. I find myself thinking way too much on either the past or on theRead more

The Slow Progression of Chasing A Dream

progression of chasing a dream

Daily Blog #340 In the month of March, I made $58.08… blogging. That’s right, I actually made some money from blogging. Now I can put in my two weeks notice, and travel the world flying only first-class while sleeping in five-star hotels and eating filet mignon every night for dinner. Okay, well that probably wouldn’tRead more

Being Told No Is Never The Final Answer

no is never the final answer

Daily Blog #339 Rejection sucks. Especially when you are being rejected from something that you care deeply about. But while you may not know it at the time, being told no may be one of the best things that can happen to you. When do you learn the most valuable lessons in your life? ProbablyRead more

We Are Not Better Than Anybody Else

not better than anybody

Daily Blog #338 In a world that consists of comparing ourselves by social and economic status, and judging others based on their imperfections, it’s time that we give ourselves a little bit of a reality check. You and I, we are not better than anybody else on this earth. Sometimes I forget what it isRead more

Be Your Best Self To Become Your Best Self

be your best self

Daily Blog #337 I used to be someone who had always strived for attention in life. All throughout high school, throughout college, even well into my first and only corporate job, attention and the approval from others was something that I deeply craved. Who did others want me to be? How did I need toRead more

What I Learned From My 90-Day Goals

my 90-day goals

Daily Blog #336 A few months ago I created a 90-day plan for myself. Already three months into the new year, and that 90 days has already come to an end. While there have been a few lows like losing two dogs in the span of two days, there have also been many highs. EveryRead more

Now It’s Time To Prove Yourself

time to prove yourself

Daily Blog #335 To be human is to make many mistakes. Not just your occasional slip up like swearing in front of your kid for the very first time. But the mistakes that will leave you feeling momentarily paralyzed like realizing you forgot to pay your car loan for the last two months as youRead more

Start Loving Yourself Like It’s Your Only Option

start loving yourself

Daily Blog #334 It seems so weird to write… Start loving yourself like it’s your only option?! Imagine writing it as male. A male who is in their mid-twenties and is writing about self-love while most of his friends are probably recovering from a hangover or sleeping in from playing Fortnite until the early morningRead more

It’s Time To Move Onto The Next

move onto the next

Daily Blog #333 The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? The other side of our minds that are telling us that it’s time to move onto the next dream of ours. The other side of our minds that are telling us that we aren’t cut out to achieve whatever it isRead more