Understanding The Importance Of Consistency

importance of consistency

The Importance Of Consistency One thing that I have never really lacked growing up is the ability to pursue my interests. One day I might wake up and want to be a police officer, the next day I might want to run a marathon, or maybe I want to start saving my money to buyRead more

Positivity In Equals Positivity Out

positivity in equals positivity out

Positivity in equals positivity out Are you struggling to find motivation and positivity in life? Trust me, I have been in that mindset many times before, and it is not a fun place to be. No matter how hard we try, we are always in a negative mood, and just lack motivation in general. EvenRead more

What Does It Mean To Be Free In Life?

What Does It Mean To Be Free

What does it mean to be free & how can we embrace our freedom? Imagine living in a place where you have all of the freedom that you could possibly want? Imagine living in a place where you have access to clean water, good foods, a place to sleep, and oh yeah, we can’t forgetRead more

Want To or Need To: How To Make Decisions

want to or need to

Do you dream because you want to or need to? Everyday that we wake up, we are immediately flooded with choices that we have to make decisions on. Do we get up for work, do we stay home and hit the snooze button, what do we wear to work, what do we grab for breakfast?Read more

Abnormal Is The New Normal

Abnormal is the new normal

Why being abnormal is the new normal Do you ever just sit back in your chair, smile, and reflect on how fortunate you are to be alive. I mean seriously, there is so much to love in life. Every single day, I wake up and I can’t help but smile to the fact that IRead more

From Patient To Physician

from patient to physician

How to go from patient to physician Do you ever get that feeling when you are reading a book that the author is talking directly to you? It is almost as if they have been following you around and they know what is going in on your life. It is scary, right? Yeah, scary andRead more

I AM – The Two Most Powerful Words

two most powerful words

The two most powerful words you can say to yourself I AM wanting to start out by challenging you a little bit (see what I did there?). Stop and take a minute to reflect on your thoughts over the last day, over the last two days, or even over the last week. What do youRead more

Breathe and Let Go

breathe and let go

Learn to breathe and let go of your thoughts A couple of nights ago, I had the worst sleep of my life. It felt as if my thoughts were racing around faster than a Nascar at the Daytona 500. I tried going to sleep at around 10 o’clock but I just laid in my bedRead more

Focus On The Positive To Live Happy

Focus on the positive

Why You Should Focus on the Positive My intent with this blog is to be completely open and honest with every single one of you. If there is one thing in life that I want to emphasize, it is to be who you are meant to be. For me, that means focusing on the positiveRead more

Being The Best You That You Can Be

being the best you

Being the best you possible Every single day, millions of people around the world get caught up with the great competition that is called life. I guess I can only speak for myself on this one, but I assume you do too. For some reason, we continuously compare our lives to others. We don’t giveRead more