Your Attitude Determines Your Success

your attitude determines your success

Daily Blog #268 When I think about what makes an individual successful, I think about not only the results, but more importantly, about the passion that the individual has for what it is that they are doing, and the passion they have for the life that they are living. The thing is, without the passionRead more

Big Results With Small Changes

big results with small changes

Daily Blog #267 Change can come in many different shapes, forms, and sizes. While we may have the ability to control quite a few of these changes, there are also many changes that we don’t always have the ability to control. I guess that’s what you would call life. But it isn’t necessarily the changesRead more

We Become What We Surround Ourselves With

we become what we surround ourselves with

Daily Blog #266 There is a quote by Karen Marie Moning that goes, “Who and what we surround ourselves with is who and what we become. In the midst of good people, it is easy to be good. in the midst of bad people, it is easy to be bad.” ― Karen Marie Moning SoRead more

What If You Could Have Everything You Wanted?

what if you could have everything you ever wanted

Daily Blog #264 What if you could have everything you wanted? No questions asked, no hesitations, no worrying about the judgement of others, and no worrying about how you were going to afford the things that you want. The car, the house, the success, the love, anything that you could ever imagine in life, whatRead more

How To Choose Your Surroundings Wisely

choose your surroundings wisely

Daily Blog #263 I have learned a lot since embarking on this journey of personal development, self-improvement, quest for a better and happier life, or whatever other defining name you can come up with. Things from learning how to love myself again, to believing in and following my dreams, all the way to simply findingRead more

Be Your Own Number One Priority

be your own number one priority

Daily Blog #262 A few days ago, I had published a blog post about money. More specifically, a post about wanting to make more money. It was something that I said in that post that really got me thinking long after I published it. Something that has not left my mind since I wrote it,Read more

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

you are a badass

Daily Blog #261 I was walking up and down the aisles of Target before being trapped on a plane for eleven hours when I came across You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. I grabbed the book because I thought the title of it was hilarious,Read more

Demand Greatness From Yourself & Never Give Up

demand greatness from yourself

Daily Blog #260 Despite how you may be feeling, know that you are powerful, and that you have the ability to achieve any of the dreams that you desire. There is already an incredible amount of greatness that is bottled up inside of the person who you already are just waiting to be released. AllRead more

How To Become More Likable

how to become more likable

Daily Blog #258 Do you want to know how to become the most popular person in the world? Do you want to have millions of followers on social media? Maybe you want others following your every move and envying your life. If these are things that you are looking for, well, then this is notRead more

Attract Happiness By Spreading Happiness

attract happiness by spreading happiness

Daily Blog #257 I got out of my car, grabbed my phone out of my pocket, and checked my bank statement. Normally I am happy to see my paycheck, but this time, I knew that I was going to be left feeling disappointed. I looked down at the amount, and that disappointment slapped me evenRead more