Advance Your Happiness By Keeping A Gratitude Journal

Keeping A Gratitude Journal

I first started journaling about two years ago. Actually, the first day that I started writing on the internet was also the first day that I started writing in a journal.  All of my earlier blog posts were first written down in my journal. I would wake up, get dressed for the day, and wouldRead more

Finding Happiness During Tough Times of Uncertainty

finding happiness during tough times

It was just two short weeks ago that I was wondering when I was going to be back next. Part of me wished I never had to leave and that I could live every day of my life just like I had done so for the last four days. During both the good times andRead more

8 Amazing Ways to Master Your Happiness

master your happiness

The person who was holding me back from my happiness was me. – Keanu Reeves There is only one person in your life that can control how happy you are and the quality of your life. It isn’t your parents. It isn’t your siblings and friends. It isn’t even your spouse or children. The onlyRead more

3 Things You Can Do To Find Happiness Today

3 Things You Can Do To Find Happiness Today

Some days, happiness isn’t something that is necessarily easy to come by. There are going to be times where we are feeling stressed, feeling lost on life, and there are also going to be days where nothing is wrong other than the fact that we just can’t seem to focus on anything positive. We allRead more

Why I Haven’t Weighed Myself In Two Years

Why I Haven't Weighed Myself

It’s been two years since I last stepped on the scale and read the numbers on it. After years of stepping on the scale each and every single day, I had allowed my quality of life to be determined by the numbers that were reflecting back at me.  The last time that I weighed myself,Read more

Why You Need To Start Putting Your Own Happiness First

putting your own happiness first

Happiness is one of those emotions that we all crave. No matter how much happiness we experience in our lives, we always have a desire for more. But what if we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places? What if the things that we think will make us happy are really only providingRead more

Quit Fearing Change – It’s Actually A Good Thing

quit fearing change

Recently, I have been told by a few people that I have changed. Now mind you, these aren’t just random strangers or people that I don’t really know too well telling me that I have changed. This is coming from several individuals who know me the best. And it got me thinking about how rightRead more

4 Mindful Ways to Spark Joy In Your Life

spark joy in your life

It’s not always easy to focus on the good in life, especially when you are constantly feeling stressed by the burdens of everyday life. In fact, I don’t want to lie to you at all – sometimes trying to find joy in life can seem like an impossible task.  One of the hardest things thatRead more

How To Stay Positive When Life Gets Stressful

when life gets stressful

There are some people who can go through life while staying positive no matter how much stress they are under. Despite what they may be enduring, you would never be able to tell that they are even stressed in the first place.  Then there are those who don’t handle stress all too well. They allowRead more

Immediately Become More Positive Of A Person

immediately become more positive

One Important Tip To Immediately Become More Positive Positivity is contagious. Actually, any emotion that we experience is contagious. Anger, sadness, motivation, happiness, all of them – contagious.  So what is the one thing that you can do to ensure more positivity in your life? What is the one tip that will help you toRead more