5 Tips To Manage and Reduce Stress

tips to manage and reduce stress

Stress not only causes a disease, but stress also is a disease. It’s when you feel emotional tension, physical tension, or both combined. While it’s normal to feel stress (and in some cases, it’s even healthy), too much stress on the body and mind has many negative side-effects associated with it.  Everybody deals with variousRead more

Be More Decisive and Simplify Your Life

be more decisive

How often do you find yourself thinking long and hard about decisions? Most of the time, they are probably decisions that don’t hold any significant value or meaning regardless of if you make them or not.  I am a person who struggles with making decisions from time to time. Actually… a lot of the time. Read more

How To Train Your Brain To Achieve Results

train your brain

This is what’s going to separate you from everybody else. This is what’s going to help you to obtain the success that you want for yourself, the happiness that you crave, and the life that you wish to live. Let me explain.  If you are somebody who expects to achieve your goals, to reach yourRead more

5 Step Plan To Achieve Your Dreams

5 Step Plan To Achieve Your Dreams

Dreams, resolutions, goals, wants, desires, call them whatever you would like, it doesn’t matter. What is important, is that you have a plan of action for how you are going to achieve the things that you want to achieve over the course of your life.  The majority of people in today’s society are setting goalsRead more

How To Better Deal With The Fear of Failure

better deal with the fear of failure

It’s normal to feel scared when you are faced with an opportunity to grow. It’s normal to hesitate and to wonder if you’re making the right decision. And it’s normal to push yourself as far away from the thought of failure as possible.  But if you push yourself as far away from failure as humanlyRead more

How To Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs

get rid of your limiting beliefs

Here’s the thing about limiting beliefs… they only exist in our minds if we allow them to.  Limiting beliefs are those beliefs that stop us short of achieving anything outstanding or meaningful. They are the beliefs that leave us feeling constrained and paralyzed. And they are the beliefs that suck every last ounce of happinessRead more

Believe In Yourself – Even When Others Don’t

believe in yourself

Not to get on the whole bandwagon of setting goals for yourself for the upcoming year, but have you thought about some of the things that you want to achieve? Maybe it’s within the next year, or maybe it’s within the next ten.  Regardless of the time, why haven’t you started pursuing those goals sooner?Read more

6 End of The Year Notes To Self To Create A Successful Year Ahead

end of the year notes to self

As we turn the page on 2019, it becomes a popular time to do a lot of reflecting. We reflect on the things that we have accomplished, the things that we are in the midst of trying to accomplish, but most of all, we tend to reflect on the things that we didn’t accomplish.  TheRead more

The ‘Everything Is Figureoutable’ Mindset

everything is figureoutable

I want to share with you something that happened to me recently. More specifically, an obstacle that I was faced with, and how the Everything Is Figureoutable mindset helped me to overcome this obstacle. I think this is the most that I have ever talked about a book, but it’s because Marie Forleo’s Everything IsRead more

One Habit That Is Stopping You from Moving Forward In Life

moving forward in life

Think back on all of the times where you thought you had this genius idea that randomly popped into your mind.  Did you acknowledge that idea and envision your life if it had come true? Did you develop a plan to turn that idea into your reality? Did you take any sort of action inRead more