Getting Back On Track With Your Goals

back on track with your goals

How often do you struggle with your goals? You set a goal for yourself with every intention of fulfilling that goal, only to realize that a month later, you have made absolutely zero progress. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?  Maybe your goals sound a little like:  Getting up earlier in the morning to fitRead more

How To Break Habits For The Better

how to break habits for the better

All of my life I have been a creature of habit. When I say that I like a certain routine, I mean it. If I get caught in a routine, I will follow that routine like a religion, and any unexpected variation to that routine will be enough to leave me feeling like my worldRead more

Smile Even When It Is Hard

smile even when it is hard

One of the things that has always helped me to immediately improve my mood is smiling.  When I got my promotion at work, I smiled. When I purposely go out of my way to try and make somebody else’s day, I smile. When I feel proud of all that I have accomplished in my life,Read more

How To Have The Most Productive Day

most productive day

My alarm went off at 7 am. I don’t work until 11 am on Mondays, but I wasn’t going to use that as an excuse to sleep it – not when I could be doing something productive. It was time to get up, get moving, and make the most out of my Monday.  I triedRead more

How To Release Yourself From Your Own Burdens

release yourself from your own burdens

Everybody has things in which they are good at in life. Some of these things we spend years chasing after to grow and develop our skills. Who knows, maybe if we put in enough time we will then eventually turn our craft into our profession.  But then there are the times in which we doubtRead more

How To Develop A Daily Journaling Habit

daily journaling habit

Journaling has quickly become one of the things that has helped me to quickly turn my life around. It was like reading for me – it was something that I knew had many benefits associated to it, but something that I never actually started to do until later in my life because it wasn’t “theRead more

Make The Most Of Your Twenties

make the most of your twenties

To the millennials, the young entrepreneurs, the adrenaline junkies, the students who have just graduated from college, and anyone else who is in their twenties, what’s next? What are you going to do next in order to make the most of your twenties?  You might not think that this is an important time given theRead more

Mindfulness For Beginners

mindfulness for beginners

My grandma has always been one of my biggest fans. I used to go and spend a month every summer with her in a small town in northern Minnesota where I would attend hockey school. From the moment that I stepped on the ice to the moment I got off, she would be there inRead more

Start Having Fun

start having fun

I’m really good at giving advice to others, but sometimes I do a really poor job in actually listening to the advice that I give.  I think that this is most of us actually. For some reason, we just never fully learn to trust our own intuition. We tend to listen to the advice ofRead more

Start Enjoying Life More

start enjoying life more

This last week I took a nice little four-day vacation to Cancun, Mexico. And after those four days, I was nowhere ready to come back to “reality.” I wasn’t ready to leave all of my friends, and I definitely wasn’t ready to get up and go back to work. It felt so nice just toRead more