Stop Doing Sh*t That Won’t Benefit You

stop doing sh*t that won't benefit you

We all have dreams that we want to achieve throughout the course of our lives. We all have a vision in our minds exactly how we want our life to look. But for some reason, we don’t follow the truth that already lies within us. Instead, we follow the vision in which we are notRead more

Depression Runs In My Family

depression runs in my family

I want to do something a little different. Today, I am going to be sharing something that my sister wrote years ago (with her permission) while she was battling depression. Depression runs in my family. It is not something to be ashamed of, but rather, something to embrace so that you can find the strengthRead more

Tired Of Constantly Feeling Down On Yourself? Prove It!

feeling down on yourself

I am just going to write from the heart and hope that all of this makes sense. There is nothing more soul-crushing than feeling down on yourself, feeling like you aren’t good enough, feeling unworthy of the things that you want in life, and feeling little to no hope for what lies ahead. Trust me,Read more

Excuses Will Only Become Regrets

excuses will only become regrets

Do you feel happy with where you are currently at in life? Do you feel like you are giving yourself the opportunity to succeed, or do you feel like you are holding yourself back? I wish I could say that the majority of us are giving ourselves an adequate opportunity to succeed, but the truthRead more

Everybody Suffers, But To Suffer Is To Be Alive

everybody suffers

3 things to remember that will help you to suffer less Why do bad things happen to good people? How many times have you heard this before? The truth is, bad things happen to everybody, but to suffer is to exist. Life can often be difficult. It can leave you feeling stranded, hopeless, isolated, andRead more

You Can Achieve The Impossible. Here’s How.

achieve the impossible

4 tips to help you achieve the impossible “Whatever you dream or believe you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Do you ever just ask yourself how? How do some people achieve the impossible? How do some people turn every vision in their mind intoRead more

Why You Should Reward Yourself For Your Accomplishments

reward yourself for your accomplishments

Rewarding myself isn’t something that I have always been the best at. If I’m going to be honest, I would say that it’s probably one of my greatest weaknesses. It’s not that I don’t like having new things, but I fear losing money, which is what prevents me from rewarding myself. And when I doRead more

I Promised Myself That I Will Be The Best

i will be the best

Daily Blog #363 I’ve made a promise to myself. I promised myself that I will be the best. Whatever it takes and however long it takes, I will achieve anything and everything that I want to achieve. There will be absolutely nothing that can or will stop me from accomplishing the success that I envisionRead more

Determine Your Own Success If You Want To Succeed

determine your own success

Daily Blog #362 I realized something this weekend. I realized that if you truly want to succeed at whatever it is that you want, then you need to determine your own success. It’s another one of those realizations that I have heard thousands of times throughout the course of my life. For some reason, though,Read more

All That I Want Is All That I Will Have

all that i want

Daily Blog #361 All that I want is all that I will have. Trust me, I mean this in the most nonegotistical way possible. I don’t believe that I am better than any other human to ever live, because I know that I am not. But what I do believe, is that I will haveRead more