My Relationship With Myself

my relationship with myself

Life is full of relationships. In some way, shape, or form, we are constantly interacting with those close to us or with the world that we live in.  In everything that we do, relationships are the foundation for success. But what very few of us realize is that it all begins with the relationship thatRead more

Random Acts of Kindness To Police Officers

random acts of kindness for police officers

Random Acts of Kindness To Police Officers How often do you turn on the news and become bombarded with all of the bad and negatives that are going on in the world around us? There is so much bad portrayed through the media that one may think nothing good ever happens.  One of the groupsRead more

Let’s Talk About Money and Our Fear of Talking About It

let's talk about money

Let’s talk about money… On July 2nd of 2018, Lebron James signed a 4-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers that was worth $153,312,846. All of it by the way is guaranteed. The contract would make James the best-paid NBA player having earned over $387.2 million over the course of what will then be hisRead more

7 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Own Life

sabotaging your own life

Are you sabotaging your own life? What happens when you don’t get what you want in life?  Well, if you are human, then you probably try to blame some external factor that isn’t yourself, right? But if you take some time to reflect, you will realize that you are actually responsible for everything in yourRead more

Top 5 Self Improvement Books of 2019 That Changed My Life

top 5 self improvement books

When it comes to my individual self-improvement, reading has probably been the best habit that I have picked up on.  Wow, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever find myself saying that.  Throughout grade school, I had probably read a total of twenty books on my own time. Sure, there wereRead more

Why You Should Travel The World

why you should travel the world

It’s taken 26 years, but I can finally say that I have now traveled outside of the United States. And what better place to go than Cancun, Mexico in the middle of the summer for a beach wedding…  Just to be clear, my best friend got married, and not me.  I got to the airportRead more

How To Solve Your Own Questions

solve your own questions

Life is full of questions.  Questions like: What will I wear tomorrow? What should I be doing with my time? What is my dream and how do I achieve my dream? When will I achieve this dream? What is the purpose of my life?  Sorry to get deep, but I’m feeling deep today… Everything thatRead more

How To Achieve More Now Than Ever Before

Achieve More Now Than Ever Before

8 Ways To Achieve More Now Than Ever Before If you clicked on this, it’s probably because you want to achieve more now than you ever have before, right? You want to be more successful, feel more accomplished, and live a better life than the one you are currently living.  Well, you’re not alone.  MostRead more

The Uncomfortable Truth of Life

the uncomfortable truth of life

Life is full of many harsh realities – many of which we don’t want to face.  But there is one truth, the most uncomfortable truth of life that we all need to realize in order to fully make the most of life. As much as it may hurt to swallow this, the sooner we allRead more

Focus On Just One Thing At A Time

focus on just one thing

Thought for the day: What is the single most important thing that you can do today that will contribute to your overall success? Okay, so this one is for my mom who has talked so highly about the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. The concept of the book (at least so far), isRead more