Trickle-Down Effect of Kindness: How One Act of Kindness Can Impact the Lives of Many

trickle-down effect of kindness

There are fewer things in life that are neater than others following in your footsteps. Not saying that I am a trendsetter, a role model, or anything like that. Rather, I am just a man on a mission to change the world for the better and inspire as many others to do the same. WhetherRead more

How To Learn From Your Mistakes Instead of Regretting Them

learn from your mistakes instead of regretting them

I made a mistake the other day. It was a mistake that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since it happened.  After a three-hour trip in the car, I stopped to fill up my gas tank at a random gas station on the side of the highway. I had driven three hours inRead more

Why It Is Important To Be Kind To Others

why it is important to be kind to others

Being kind to others is one of those things that’s a win-win for everybody. Not only does the person you are being kind to benefit from your generous acts or attitude, but you also benefit from being kind as well.  When you are kind to others, you will experience an increased level of serotonin. SerotoninRead more

Take The Leap: Reinvent Yourself and Who You Want To Be

reinvent yourself and who you want to be

Last time I talk about how much my life is changing, I promise.  Over the last three weeks, I have been through several interviews, have had to deal with the anticipation of hearing back from these interviews, accepted a job offer, gave my two-weeks notice, and have had to deal with the tasks and challengesRead more

Be Grateful For The Little Things In Life

be grateful for the little things in life

Well, I failed a goal. I did not successfully complete the 100 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge that I set out to achieve only two weeks ago.  But just like with any goal that you fail, what do you do next? Do you give up and move onto the next goal? No! You get rightRead more

The Nicest Act of Kindness I Have Ever Witnessed

nicest act of kindness

I have been stressed lately, like to the near brink of insanity with starting a new job and adjusting to a lot of other changes in my life. None of which are bad, but they are new. I’m not used to this amount of change in life, especially all at once.  This means that I,Read more

If You Want A Happier Life, Surround Yourself With Kindness

surround yourself with kindness

Much like happiness, kindness too is a choice. If you want others to be kind to you, the answer is simple – you need to be kind to others.  Always remember that what goes around, comes around. It’s your choice to be cognisant of your actions and to have the desire to go out ofRead more

How To Spread Kindness At Work

spread kindness at work

Cards are a great way to let somebody know that you are thinking about them. Whether they may be sick, went out of their way for you recently, or if you just want to try and boost somebody’s morale, cards are one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so.  In yesterday’s story, IRead more

What Happens When You Are Kind To Others

when you are kind to others

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are kind to others or how your life can change simply through being a kinder person? Well, today’s act of kindness didn’t come from me. It came from somebody whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, but it was directed at me. Just some proof that whenRead more

Complimenting A Stranger: How It Can Benefit Your Life

complimenting a stranger

Have you ever noticed what happens when you smile at other people? Not only does the person you are smiling at mirror your emotions and feels a sense of happiness, but you also feel better about your current state as well. Studies show that smiling is one of the best ways to combat a negativeRead more