A 25 Year Old Man With A Captain America Lunchbox

The Importance of My Captain America Lunch Box

Yep, for a nearly 25-year-old man, I must admit, I bought something pretty cool. Before you laugh at me, you first need a little understanding behind my though process. I have always loved The Avengers movies, mainly the Captain America ones. Everybody has things that they like that others might find weird, and Captain America is that thing for me. So, I decided that it was time to buy a Captain America lunch box.

The Meaning Behind It

My days of a high school and college student have come and gone. With a job in the corporate world right now, having a superhero themed lunch box still doesn’t bother me. To me, the lunch box resembles something much bigger than me just trying to be funny or silly, it resembles my inner strength for facing one of my biggest enemies, food. Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I have had a difficult time with food over the last five years. I have tried to be too healthy, that I have completely forgotten how to live free and how to treat myself.

So how does this silly, childish “thing” help my fight my battle? I might be crazy, but here is my reasoning for purchasing the lunch box. Obviously, it is meant to hold food, which it does. The entire inside of it is insulated, so it also keeps my food at the desired temperature.

Most importantly, every time I reach for my lunch, I am reminded of a superhero. A superhero that has won every fight, and a superhero that is stronger than all of the rest. Every time I reach for my food, I am reminded of how I want to be. I want to be a person that has won all of my internal battles. I want to be the strongest person that I can possibly be. By purchasing a meaningful reinforcement, I know that I can overcome all of the battles just by purchasing something that might seem silly to some.

Closing Thoughts

Reinforcements are not meant to be a fix all for all of your battles, they are meant to act as a reminder of how strong you truly are. I know that a lunch box is not going to fix my somewhat negative relationship with food, but I do know that I will be reminded of my own inner strength every time I reach for my lunch box. Life is not about finding the quickest solution. It is about searching for what will make you a stronger, happier, and loving individual. Challenge yourself every single day and NEVER stop chasing your dreams.

If you are interested in the lunch box, click on the image.

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