How To Be Bigger Than Your Biggest Excuse

be bigger than your biggest excuse

be bigger than your biggest excuse

Be Bigger Than Your Biggest Excuse

When it comes to being successful and happy in life, our ability to dream is easily our biggest motivator. If we are living in a negative mindset and use excuses, then this is when we start to fail over and over again without seeing any progress. When we focus on positivity and our ability to achieve, that is when we start actually achieving. The truth is, if you want to achieve your dreams and turn them into a reality, then you have to be bigger than your biggest excuse.

We all have our own dreams that we want to turn into realities. It’s not going to be easy, but if we want to achieve our dreams bad enough, we will stop at no ends. When we create excuses, we are taking a step back in life. There becomes this thought in our heads that we are not at fault, and that we are not responsible for our own actions. 

Like I said, success is not going to come easy. Whatever it is that we want to achieve in life, we are going to have to work harder than we have ever worked before. If what we are doing right now is not getting us closer to our end goal, we obviously need to change something. We need to put in more effort. We need to work longer, and we need to push harder than ever before.

If you truly want the level of happiness and success as bad as you say you do, prove it. Don’t prove it to me or to anyone else, prove it to yourself. Your work ethic, your mindset, and your belief in yourself all have to be bigger than your biggest excuse.

Nobody is going to be able to achieve your dreams other than you. The only reason that we blame other people or other variables in life, is because we are not wanting to take responsibility for our own actions. Sure, others can’t get in the way of you and your dreams, but only if you let them. When your dreams become bigger than your biggest excuse, and when you truly start to believe in yourself, then your desire to succeed and achieve your dreams will overshadow any excuse that you can make.

Listen close. We will never be perfect. No matter who you are, or the success that you have or have not found, you will never be perfect. The truth is you should never want to be perfect. Instead of focusing on perfection, focus on being the best that you can be. Focus on waking up every single day, giving the day everything that you have, and never second guessing your effort.

Never lose sight of your dreams, and always believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, and when you start working towards your dreams, then you can achieve anything. No dream is ever impossible to reach, you just need to be bigger than your biggest excuse.

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