How To Make Yourself Become Better Each Day

better each day

better each day

Better Each Day

Do you remember when you started to learn how to ride a bike? First, you probably started by riding a tricycle. Then, you progressed to a bike with training wheels. After a lot of screaming, crying, banged up knees, and many hugs from mom, the practice paid off. It took years and years, but after getting a little bit better each day, the day came when the training wheels were taken off, and you were riding freely.

Life is a lot like riding a bike. Nothing that you want is going to happen overnight. Even as we adult, there are going to be many falls, many banged up knees, and many hugs from mom. There are going to be days that you are going to be knocked down by adversity, and there are going to be days where you feel like your on top of the world. But do you want to know the secret to winning at life? It is by becoming better each day. It isn’t about being perfect, but rather about becoming better each day and being the best that you can be.

While we focus a lot on things that we don’t have or what we can or can’t do, it is also important to realize the progress that you are making in certain areas of your life. Give yourself some credit, or perhaps a good ole pat on the back. Be proud of your accomplishments.

So what is it that you are doing to become better each day? Don’t focus on anything negative, just focus on the improvements that you are making. Focus on the improvements that you are making, things that you are proud of, and the strides you are making to better yourself.

Here are some things that I am focusing on becoming better each day with:


If you have never suffered from an eating disorder, then two things. One, consider yourself incredibly lucky. Two, you will never know the effect that it can have on you. I mean think of it as restricting the air that you consume or the water that you drink. We need it to survive, but yet it was something that I saw as evil for so long.

Each day that passes, I am becoming better with food. Like learning to ride a bike, I am slowly, but surely letting go of my fear, and learning to enjoy it again. I am treating myself when I feel like it, and I am focusing on the progress that I am making.

Social Life:

This is a big one for me. After years of shutting off my friends and staying trapped in my own mind, I am finally becoming social again. And not just with my friends, but with my family as well. I am more present in the life of others, in a better mood, and overall, just experiencing life with those who are closest to me.


I have really been focusing on my mood. Life isn’t meant to be negative, we are supposed to be happy. Well, part of happiness is choosing to be happy. When you make positivity a priority in life, I believe that you will truthfully become happier.

If you have ever been trapped in your own emotions, you will know what I mean when I say that I would flip on a dime. I could be happy one minute and beyond angry the next. Even if nothing significant happened, my mood was so unpredictable.  

Self-Belief and Love:

The biggest improvement that I have made in my life is through self-love and self-belief. Never has there been a time in my life where I have believed in myself more than I do right now. Never has there been a time in my life where I have loved myself more than I do right now. And it is because I am doing what I want to do with MY life.

People can judge me all they want. I have learned to accept that, and realize that the judgement of others does not define me. I am living my best life every single day, and I am loving the person that I am becoming.

Concluding Thoughts:

We could all sit here for the entire day and point out of flaws. But ask yourself what that is going to help accomplish in your life. Instead of loving the person who you are becoming and enjoying your life, you are going to learn to hate everything about life. Don’t degrade yourself because you are not perfect. You simply will never be. Instead of focusing on your flaws, focus on your improvements. Improvements lead to motivation. Focus on becoming better each day, and appreciating your life for the treasure that it is. You can achieve anything that you want to achieve in life, as long as you believe.

Michael Bonnell



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