Believe In Yourself And Take Risks In Life

believe in yourself and take risks

believe in yourself and take risks

Believe in yourself and take risks

We are going to start this off on a deep note, but I want you to really think about something. If you found out that you only had 24 hours left to live, what would you think about your life? Did you have fun and live in the moment, or were you passive and played life too safe? See, through much trial and error in my own life, I have learned that if you want to be happy and successful in life, you need to believe in yourself and take risks.

I have been known as a person who stays too comfortable in life. I enjoyed eating the same foods, and hanging out with the same small group of people. Overall, I liked sticking to the same daily routine. It wasn’t necessarily comfort that was controlling my daily life, it was fear.

Fear would scare the heck out of me. What if I tried something that I didn’t like? What if I hung out with new people that were going to tell me that I sucked at everything that I did? Or what if I took a risk and lost my job? Ok, well that actually would suck, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

But see, that’s just it. These are the thoughts that not only I, but a lot of other people struggle with on a day to day basis. Instead of believing in ourselves, we aren’t even giving ourselves a chance. When we don’t take any risks in life, we will simply never know what could have been. We are letting trying to predict an outcome without even trying.

Maybe you tried something new and it became your new favorite thing. Maybe those new people that you hung out with for the first time became your best friends. Or maybe you found some new hidden talents that you had no idea existed. If you would never have tried, you would never have found out.

So ask yourself a question. What is your life worth living when you don’t try new things? You get up everyday, work for the same person, and make the same amount of money. You eat the same foods, watch the same tv episode, and then what? Your life’s not meant to be on repeat. Your life should be filled with nothing but happiness and excitement

Maybe you say that you are fine with doing the same exact thing everyday, but let’s face it, you want more. You want to be your own boss and live life by your own terms. You want to try skydiving or bungee jumping. And why not, it’s your life to live and the only life that you will get to live.

From someone who lived their life on repeat for years and years, trust me, that shit gets boring really quickly. No matter how high your own dreams are, never stop chasing them. But do it for you. Don’t go chasing someone else’s dream or chase a dream just for their approval. Chase the dreams that make you happy and the dreams that you want to live by.

You do not need the approval of others to start something that you are passionate about. Believe in yourself and believe in your strengths. Your life and your dreams, they are yours to believe in and nobody else’s. Live for YOU and focus on being the best that YOU can be. I don’t think that I can say it enough, but just start doing you.

Personally, it wasn’t until the last few months or so that I have really tried to branch out and take risks in my life. I have been breaking out of my comfort zone, doing different things in my daily life. I am really just trying to live for the moment. The funny thing is that I have been much happier in life since I have started taking risks. Not only that, but I have been enjoying life so much more. My life has more excitement in it right now than it did the last five years combined. And it is all because I am believing in myself and following my dreams.

That is exactly what self-belief does. When you believe in yourself and take risks, you are putting all trust in your ability to overcome, and you are shutting down all negativity. You are establishing confidence, strength, and the belief that you can achieve anything. There is no greater strength that you can possess as a human-beings than believing in yourself. Once you start to believe in yourself and take risks, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. So start to believe in yourself and take risks in your life.

Michael Bonnell



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