Being Quarantined Is The New Normal – Why Not Make the Most of It?

Being Quarantined Is The New Normal
Being Quarantined Is The New Normal
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Well… this is going to be the new normal – at least for the foreseeable future. 

I know that the last thing that you probably want to see is another article about the COVID-19 outbreak, how to manage your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak, or how to stay fit and active while being isolated. 

The world is already focusing on every aspect of the COVID-19 outbreak, so it’s understandable that you don’t want to see anymore of it. It’s exhausting to try and keep up with the negative headlines that we are seeing and reading as a result of the virus.

The fact is, this is meant for me – a personal call-out to myself, if you will.

While it’s challenging to do at times, it’s important to stay as positive as possible through all of the madness that the world is currently experiencing. It isn’t easy to continue to go about our everyday lives not knowing if it will get better, when it might get better, and when we might once again find freedom past the walls of our homes. 

Being Quarantined Is The New Normal – Why Not Make the Most of It?

While it’s easy to focus on all of the negatives that lie with the uncertainty that we are experiencing, what about the positives? Why not try to find the light in a dark situation? Why not be stronger than our fears, to challenge and push past our comfort zones, and to grow in areas in which we haven’t been able to in the past? 

Here are some things that we can all do to make the most of our time. These tips can go far beyond just the difficult times that we are experiencing. They can and should be implemented for the rest of our lives.

Try Being Kind and Patient

Here’s the thing that I have been forced to realize over the course of the last few weeks – probably more so than I ever have had to realize in the past; no matter how badly I want everything to change and go back to the way that it was, I am not going to be able to do so. 

It doesn’t matter if I want restaurants to start opening again, for the streets to be crowded with people, or for all of this stuff about COVID-19 to be said and done with. What the world is experiencing right now is far bigger than any individual’s wants and desires, and that is something that I have been forced to embrace. Some things just have to run their course, and this is one of them. 

The old me would have been upset, would have thrown a fit, and would have stressed about having little control over life. And the truth is, I still do find myself stressing, I still do find myself getting upset and impatient at times, and I do catch my mood slipping. But then I remember that I am not alone. 

Every single person on the face of the planet is being affected by what is currently going on, and unfortunately, many are just trying to stay afloat and keep their heads above water. Why not be kind to others, shed some light and words of encouragement to those who could use it, and why not be patient; it’s not like we have anything better to be doing…

Try Being Grateful

There are many things that I am trying to force myself to be grateful for, even during these trying times. 

For starters, I am not ill, I do not directly know anybody who is ill, and I am able to spend more time with those who I love the most. All we ever want is more time to be with others, to pursue our goals, and to just unwind. Well, now is that time, so use it for such and be grateful that you have it.

Every day is a gift no matter how much struggle may come with it. There is going to come a time where we are going to wish that we could have today back. The key is to make the most out of the opportunities that you have in front of you and live today as if it may be your last. 

The second thing that I am grateful for is the fact that I still have a job and can work remotely full-time. This is not something that a lot of individuals have the luxury of. Not only that, but my job is secure. 

After being worried about how this illness may impact my company, our CEO came out yesterday and said that nobody is going to be laid off. As a company, we are sitting in a great position financially where they can’t foresee anybody being laid off due to the challenges that so many other companies are experiencing. 

As somebody who always has fear talking in the back of their minds, this was a relief for me. I feel safe, I feel secure, and I feel grateful to be in the position that I am in, especially at such a young age. 

Try Taking Things Day By Day

The thing about all that we are experiencing right now is that we just don’t know when it will all be over and to what extent it will have on our daily lives. At this point, being quarantined is the new normal. That may all change in a month, it may change in six months, or it may take a year to get through all of this. The best thing that we can do is to just take life day by day. 

Every day has brought and will continue to bring new challenges and struggles. It makes absolutely no sense to try and predict the future or control it when we are living in times that are as uncertain as they are. Take things day by day. Make the most of today and don’t plan too far in advance.

Try Focusing More On Your Life and Goals

Only a few weeks ago, I was wondering what some of the things were that I could do to find more time to chase my goals and to create the life that I want to live for myself. The good news in all of this is that the vast majority of us have more time on our hands now. 

With everybody being quarantined and with most outside distractions put on pause, why not use this time to create that life that you want for yourself. Start that online business or blog you have been wanting to start, go back and continue your education, get the housework done that you have been procrastinating on doing, build relationships with those that you are closest to. 

Everybody is in the same boat right now. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s not about needing more hours to achieve the goals that we have, but rather how we use the time that we have that will ultimately determine our success and happiness in life. 

Final Thoughts

Sure, you could sit on the couch and use this time to catch up on all of the latest Netflix series if that’s what you wish to do. Or you can use this time effectively, make the most out of the time and opportunities that you have, and create the life that you desire for yourself. 

As Gary Keller asks, What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Use this time to do it. Do the things that your future self will thank you for so that you can do what you couldn’t do today.

Michael Bonnell

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