Getting Back On Track With Your Goals

back on track with your goals
back on track with your goals

How often do you struggle with your goals? You set a goal for yourself with every intention of fulfilling that goal, only to realize that a month later, you have made absolutely zero progress. Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? 

Maybe your goals sound a little like: 

  • Getting up earlier in the morning to fit in a good workout.
  • Removing junk food and sugary drinks from your diet.
  • Reading more books instead of sitting in front of the TV.
  • Listing out your passions in life and finally figuring out a way to turn them into your reality. 

Either way, whatever your goals are, there is a good chance that until you break through the stage of turning your goals into habits, you will forget about them within the first few weeks of setting them. If this sounds like you, then I have one thing to say… It’s time that you start getting back on track with your goals. 

Create A Plan

For Christmas this past year, my parents gave me a “My Next 90 Days” Savor Life Planner. I was immediately excited when I opened it. I started filling the planner out with my goals, how I was going to achieve these goals, and the timeframe that I was going to achieve these goals within. It was my time to shine, and this planner was going to help me to achieve everything that I had ever wanted. 

But over the course of the following month, I would start using that planner less and less. Eventually, it became a book that never left my backpack. I wasn’t using it, I wasn’t updating it, and needless to say, none of my goals we getting fulfilled…

I recently pulled that planner out and reflected on all of the goals that I had set for myself. Like so many others, I had fallen into the trap of procrastination until I eventually forgot about my goals entirely. 

As I sat there and reflected on them, I remember thinking to myself that this is it, it’s time that I start getting back on track with the goals that I had once set. 

It’s Not Too Late To Get Going

When we lose sight of our goals, we often disregard the idea of ever picking them up again. We think to ourselves, “Well, I have already forgotten about them once, so I will probably do the same thing again. What’s the point of even trying?” 

It’s not too late to get going again, though. Instead of seeing yourself as a failure, why not learn from your mistakes and strive to prevent yourself from making those same mistakes a second time around? The only thing that you should fear isn’t the thought that you might fail, but rather the thought of giving up on yourself or never even trying. Once you do either of these, you stand absolutely zero chance of ever achieving your goals. 

Some Things To Help Get You Back On Track

Sometimes we all need a little refresher – a little spark of energy to get going again. As corny or cheesy as some of these ideas may sound, here are some things that have helped me to get back on track with my goals. Find what works for you and just go for it. 

1. A New Planner

Okay, if I lose sight of a goal, then you better believe I am getting a new planner to help me stay organized. My OCD attributes the old one to the time that I failed, and to prevent myself from doing so again, I have to take it a step further and start on a clean slate. 

2. An Alarm Clock

We all have smartphones and all of these smartphones have reminders on them that can go off throughout the day. Set a constant daily reminder so that it goes off at a time when you generally have free time. It will help you to stay on track and to know when it’s time to get to work.

3. Keep Post-It Reminders

I keep post-it reminders right next to my computer (a place where I spend more than half of my day). On them, I simply write out my goals and daily tasks. I don’t include a time or a completion date next to them, but the purpose of the post-its is simply to remind me of what my goals are. If I want to achieve them badly enough, then I will stop what I’m doing and get started. 

Final Thoughts:

Just because you lost sight of your goals once doesn’t mean that they are gone forever. Pick yourself back up, find a starting ground, and get back on track with your goals. The only bad time to start reaching for your goals is never, so start sooner rather than later, and you will enjoy your successes all that much quicker.

Michael Bonnell


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