One Way That I Boosted My Happiness In Life

boosted my happiness

Daily Blog #309 Full disclaimer here, my life still is not perfect. Every day I am making more mistakes than I can possibly keep track of. In fact, I would dare say that I am making more mistakes now than I was before actually being happy in my life. But that is the one thingRead more

The Only Person Who You Should Ever Compare Yourself To

compare yourself

Daily Blog #308 “Comparison is the thief of all joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt I knew that I would get to use this quote again! While comparison can often provide us with a greater sense of motivation, have you ever noticed that empty feeling that you get when you compare yourself to others? That’s because youRead more

5 Simple Steps To Creating Success

simple steps to creating success

Daily Blog #307 I recently just posted my 300th blog post. Yep, 300 different blog posts in 300 consecutive days. While I am not yet to my end goal of posting for 365 consecutive days, I am feeling pretty good right about now. Each day that I publish a new post is another day inRead more

The Consequences of Your Actions

consequences of your actions

Daily Blog #306 Think of it this way. You want to live a bigger and better life than the life you are currently living. But just like most other individuals in the world, you are not willing to see past your fears. If this sounds like you, I want you to try something that IRead more

The Truth About The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

5 Second Rule

Daily Blog #305 What did I just read? Okay, well for starters, I listened to it on Audible, so I didn’t even read it, but still. I mean never in my life have I been more… motivated and inspired by a book. To be honest, I was trying to throw you off a little bitRead more

Let Go of Perfectionism & Embrace Your Imperfections

embrace your imperfections

Daily Blog #304 I have been doing a lot of deep thinking lately. Deep thinking to find an even deeper meaning for my life. Sure, I am passionate about many things. I am passionate about my family, my development as a person, and doing what I can to live a better life today than IRead more

What Is Your Why & How To Find It

what is your why

Daily Blog #303 What is it that you want to be doing with your life? What do you believe to be your purpose for living your life? Think about the things that you do from the minute that you get up to the minute that you go to bed. Now ask yourself, what is yourRead more

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Book Review

the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Daily Blog #302 Another one down, and now it’s time to move onto the next. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting based on all of the good things that I have heard about it. TheRead more

Reasons Why You Should Quit Counting Calories

quit counting calories

Daily Blog #301 Calorie counting seems like a pretty good way to lose weight, right? I mean it’s a pretty easy concept to understand, and one that basically anybody can do. Due to tools like food scales to nutrition labels, all the way to various apps on those little handheld devices that are sitting inRead more

The Number One Way To Completely Change Your Life

completely change your life

Daily Blog #300 Everybody wants to change. It seems like no matter what we have, we always want something different. Maybe you are living a boring life and have the desire for a more adventurous life – a life of spontaneous decision making, and a life with very little commitment. Or maybe your life isRead more