Instead of Competing Against Others, Compete Against Yourself

compete against yourself

It is all too easy to compare our lives with the lives of those around us. If you are reading this, then within a matter of a few quick seconds, you have the ability to open your phone and look on social media, open up different web browsers, and to get a glimpse into theRead more

7 Ways I Have Managed To Beat Fear And Self-Doubt

beat fear and self-doubt

Let’s face it, there are things in life that we all fear, and when we fear, we also experience a feeling of self-doubt.  I’ll admit that I experience these two emotions on a daily basis. In fact, we all do. It’s part of being human. Any time we walk into an unfamiliar place, try somethingRead more

5 Tips To Manage and Reduce Stress

tips to manage and reduce stress

Stress not only causes a disease, but stress also is a disease. It’s when you feel emotional tension, physical tension, or both combined. While it’s normal to feel stress (and in some cases, it’s even healthy), too much stress on the body and mind has many negative side-effects associated with it.  Everybody deals with variousRead more

ONE Simple Habit That Continues To Change My Life

ONE Simple Habit That Continues To Change My Life

It all start’s with WHY. The deeper I am diving into Simon Sinek’s Start With WHY: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, the clearer it has become to see that sustainable and long-lasting success first starts with WHY. WHY do you do the things that you do on a daily basis? WHY doRead more

Be More Decisive and Simplify Your Life

be more decisive

How often do you find yourself thinking long and hard about decisions? Most of the time, they are probably decisions that don’t hold any significant value or meaning regardless of if you make them or not.  I am a person who struggles with making decisions from time to time. Actually… a lot of the time. Read more

4 Secrets to Live A Life Well-Lived

live a life well-lived

The older you get, the quicker life passes you by. At least, that’s what it feels like for me. I remember the times where I would be sitting in school and staring at the clock as a kid thinking that the day was never going to end. As I have grown older, it almost feelsRead more

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Book Review

mindset: the new psychology of success

I think the name of the book pretty much speaks for itself – Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. For anybody out there who is aspiring to chase their dreams or achieve any of their goals, this book is going to be very beneficial for you in the sense that it is going to teachRead more

How To Train Your Brain To Achieve Results

train your brain

This is what’s going to separate you from everybody else. This is what’s going to help you to obtain the success that you want for yourself, the happiness that you crave, and the life that you wish to live. Let me explain.  If you are somebody who expects to achieve your goals, to reach yourRead more

How To Change Your Thinking When Nothing Is Going Right

change your thinking

7 Practical Ways to Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life There are times in life where it feels as if everything is stacking up against you. No matter how hard you try to fight through the struggles that you are feeling, they simply feel too overwhelming to manage. You look forward to the dayRead more

10 Mindset Tips To Be More Confident In Yourself

be more confident in yourself

There is no worse feeling in the world than the feeling of having absolutely zero confidence in yourself. Low levels of self-confidence can cause you to question yourself and question whether you have what it takes to achieve anything meaningful in life. It can cause you to question your every move, your appearance, and itRead more