Attract Happiness By Spreading Happiness

attract happiness by spreading happiness
attract happiness by spreading happiness

Daily Blog #257

I got out of my car, grabbed my phone out of my pocket, and checked my bank statement. Normally I am happy to see my paycheck, but this time, I knew that I was going to be left feeling disappointed. I looked down at the amount, and that disappointment slapped me even harder than I was anticipating.

Damn, this is even worse than I thought.

It was by far my worst commission check, and I mean by far. No better way to start a Friday morning than with a flood of disappointment.

I started walking into the gas station to grab some coffee (yes, I drink gas station coffee) when I was cut off by a lady opening her car door. She jumped out right in front of me, and started running into the store. Okay, now I was seriously starting to get ticked off. And it wasn’t even 8 o’clock in the morning.

What happened next, though, completely took me by surprise. She was a good thirty feet in front of me, stood in the doorway with the door wide open, looked back at me, and smiled. She was holding door open for me. Now I don’t know if she raced me to the door just to hold it open for me, but that is how it felt.

I walked into the store slightly confused at what happened, and as I entered, she said hello and started making small talk. Great, I was ticked, and there was this crazy lady trying to talk to me. But it was her upbeat, and talkative mood that suddenly perked me up. At that point, I realized that I had a choice to make. I could either suck it up, move on with my day, and make it a great day, or I could let the negatives control and take away all of the beauty and enjoyment in life.

Lately, I have been reading You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth, and it was something from that book came to my mind while I was getting my coffee. When we hold onto our belongings and become greedy, good things quit happening to us. But when we give more, and spread more kindness, the more good we will receive.

I stood there filling my cup, and I couldn’t shake the thought that God was trying to tell me something. He was trying to tell me to buy this lady’s breakfast. Even if I had just received my lowest commission check, holding onto the money for myself was not going to do me any good. Plus, it was her crazy and energetic mood that had made my morning just a little bit better, and ultimately helped to put a smile on my face. She didn’t know what I was feeling, she was just spreading happiness.

So I raced past her, got in line before her, and glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. As we stood in line, she kept grabbing things off of the shelf to buy. I thought to myself, Okay, I was going to just buy this ladies coffee, but since she is buying the whole store, now I’m not buying her anything. I mean, I don’t even know this lady.

As I walked up to the counter, though, I just didn’t feel right about walking away only having paid for my coffee. Here, this lady had helped to turn my day around, so the least I could do was buy her things. Plus, good things happen to those who do good for others, right?

I set my coffee on the counter, turned around, and told the cashier that I was buying her things as well. The crazy lady looked at me, said that I didn’t have to do that, but I insisted. A smile grew on her face from ear to ear as she walked up and placed everything on the counter. She couldn’t help but to repeatedly say thank you.

We left the gas station, I told her to have a wonderful day, and she thanked me one last time before getting in her car. As for me, well I got in my car, smiled, and drove to work.

At work, I had one of the best days that I can remember. I was having fun, I performed well, and I was just in a good mood. A large part of the reason that I was in a good mood, was because that crazy lady at the gas station helped to turn my negative mood into a positive one. And I truly believe that it was because I did something nice for someone else, that I was able to have a fantastic day.

The morale of the story is to do good things for those around you. Whether it is a family member, your friend, or some random crazy lady at the gas station, do what you can do to make somebody else’s day better. Good things happen to those who go out and do good for other people. And until you try it, you will never know what that random act of kindness might do for you. So go out there, spread your light, and attract happiness by spreading happiness.

Michael Bonnell



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