Asking For Help Makes You Stronger

asking for help makes you stronger
asking for help makes you stronger

I can’t help but look back on my life and smile.

Memories of my past are filled with the days of depression, a struggling relationship with food, lashing out at friends and loved ones, and hating myself for the person that I was.

Even though these dark days only consumed a relatively small part of my past (most of it was actually incredible) these are the thoughts and memories that I have held on to when I think about my past.

Why would I be smiling when reflecting on these thoughts? Well, it’s definitely not because I enjoyed them or because I found any amount of happiness through them. Rather, it’s because I look at where I am not compared to where I once was.

My life now is completely and entirely different. I love, I laugh, I live, I explore, I create, and most importantly, I believe. I believe in myself, in all that I am capable of and going to achieve, and in the strength that I possess. Had you known me two years ago, none of this would have held true.

Asking For Help Makes You Stronger

So what changed and how did I finally start turning my life around? By giving in to one of my fears and asking for help

Throughout my life, I had always assumed that only the weak ask for help. There was this macho mentality that I had that believed in order to be stronger, one had to achieve everything on their own. Forget about asking questions, asking others to help me, and 100% forget about letting somebody else try to pick apart the dark thoughts that lied within my mind. These were my thoughts and I didn’t want anybody else seeing them.

I kept this macho mentality for as long as I could, and the longer I held it, the stronger my struggles became.

We all reach a certain breaking point, and I was no different. I knew that I needed help with getting my life back in order, and I knew that I needed it fast.

asking for help makes you stronger

How I Found Help

I am blessed enough to say that I have an amazing family who would do anything for me. If it wasn’t for my parents and my two sisters helping me through my struggles, I don’t know where I would be today.

On a personal note, I finally decided to open up to myself and admit the darkness that filled my thoughts. I realized that my past wasn’t the truth, but rather my perception. And I also realized that my past didn’t control my present or future unless I allowed it to. 

I also started to look to others for help – others who had experience with what I was feeling. Books, videos, blogs, basically any advice that I could find began to consume my life.

I took every piece of advice and I obsessed with improving my mental well-being. I began focusing on the positives in life, using affirmations to boost my morale, started setting goals, and just realized that being me was my greatest power. 

Day-by-day my life began to change, and it was changing for the better. Yeah, it’s to the point where all I can do today is look back and smile at the progress that I have made and the progress that I continue to make. 

Sure, I had to put in the work to change my life, but without admitting my weaknesses, and without asking for help, I fear that I would still be the same miserable person that I was. 

Final Thoughts

Recognizing your struggles makes you strong, but asking for help makes you stronger. We all have our own weaknesses and the amazing thing is that others want to help us to overcome these weaknesses. We just need to be willing to ask for it.

Nobody is or ever will be perfect. Let go of the macho mentality that I personally allowed to prevent me from living a better life, ask for help, and focus on being the best that you can be.

Michael Bonnell

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