Are We Ever Going To Be Right In Life?

are we ever going to be right
are we ever going to be right

Daily Blog #294

There are fewer things that I dislike in my life than being wrong. Things like being wrong about my decisions, making the wrong choices, spending time with the wrong people. Let’s face it, though, who in their right mind would ever want to ever be wrong? Always being right means that we are perfect and can do no wrong. And if we can do no wrong, how can anything in our life ever actually go wrong?

But the truth is that you are never going to be right. No matter how hard you try to be right, and no matter how highly you think of yourself, you are wrong. You have been wrong, and you are going to be wrong in every decision that you make. I may even be wrong for writing this. But the sooner that we accept our imperfections, the happier we will become.

Take a second to think back on your life. Think back to one year ago today. What did you think your life would be like one year down the road, aka, today? Think about things like the house you are living in, the car you are driving, the person you are seeing, the job that you have. Are they the same today as you imagined them to be a year ago? Of course not. Because you were wrong. Don’t shy away from saying it. Admit it and feel how liberating it is to admit it.

I am not trying to say that you are not good enough. Trust me, that is my last intention. I am trying to help you to become the best version of yourself that you can be so that you can live the best life that you have ever lived.

Take this quote for example. “The man who believes he knows everything learns nothing.

The point of life isn’t to always be right about everything. If it were, then the world would be filled with even more ignorance, negativity, and hatred then there already is.

The point of life is about growing each and every single day. It’s about improving on the person that you are, and always chasing your vision of what your best life looks like no matter how many times that vision changes in your mind.

As we grow and change over the course of our lives, so too will the vision for how it is that we want our life to look like. Odds are what you and I are doing today is not what we are going to be doing for the rest of our lives. You might wake up today wanting to become a rockstar, and you might wake up tomorrow wanting to become a neurosurgeon. We are always wrong, so why even act like we have our life cemented together.

It’s important to never close off your mind off from exploring because you feel that what you are doing now will forever be the right thing. Let your mind dream, let your mind run free, and let your mind explore the possibilities that lie ahead. Something may feel right this very moment, but who knows how it may feel tomorrow.

That dream that you had of achieving as a kid probably changed when you became a teenager. That dream that you had as a teenager probably changed when you became an adult. That dream that you had when you became an adult has probably changed from the dream that you have today. And guess what! That dream that you have today will probably change as you grow older and wiser – older and only wiser if you surrender to the fact that you will never be right.

Take it from someone who has been there. Don’t go through life chasing the thought of being perfect. Chase the thought of growing into the best that you can be each and every day. Focus on making fewer mistakes today than you made yesterday. And focus on making fewer mistakes tomorrow than you made today.

Life is about progression and not perfection. Learn to embrace your imperfections and use them to help shape you into the best that you can become. Once you release the burden of needing to be perfect, I promise that you will be much happier and successful in your life.

Michael Bonnell



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