6 Things To Appreciate Today

appreciate today
appreciate today

Alright, I am on a little bit of a gratitude high right now. I don’t know what it is, or why I am feeling the way that I am, but I can’t stop looking around and just thinking about how amazing my life truly is. 

I am okay with this way, though, because when we start to prioritize all of the good that already fills our lives instead of prioritizing all of the bad, our lives become better. Go figure! We become happier, more motivated, and overall, life will seem like the amazing blessing that it actually is. 

Today, I want to share some things that I am appreciative of, and maybe this list will help or inspire you to look at your own life and find some things to appreciate as well. 

1. I Appreciate My Family

Sure, sometimes we argue and sometimes we fight with each other. But let me tell you something, without my family believing in me and picking me up every time that I was knocked down, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this today. 

2. I Appreciate My Friends

The real ones! The ones who have stuck by me through all of my ups and downs, through all of the good times and through all of my struggles. I often don’t appreciate them as much as I should, but I am truly grateful for each and every one of them. 

3. I Appreciate My Dog

Let me tell you something. There is nothing better than coming home from a tough day and having your face licked off by a four-legged companion. 

Do you know the saying, “You never what you have until it’s gone?” Well, it’s true. After losing two dogs within the span of ten days this winter, I realized how truly special pets are to have and how much of an impact they can create. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how blessed I was until two had passed away. 

4. I Appreciate The Memories.

Okay, this one may get a little bit sappy, but bare with me. My two best friends (a.k.a my parents) have just moved states away, and I no longer have the luxury of seeing them on a regular basis. 

While I am sad, I am also happy. After spending their entire lives taking care of those around them and putting the needs of everybody first, they are finally following their own dreams. I am just grateful for the memories that I have with them and for everything that they have done for me up to this point in my life. 

5. I Appreciate My Job

Sometimes I get completely sick of my job, as I’m sure everybody else does as well. Heck, there are times where I wish I had a different one. But the truth is, I appreciate the job that I have. I appreciate the fact that it helps to put food in my stomach, that it helps to give me a roof over my head, and that it helps me to buy things that I want. Probably the best perk, it has helped me to create some of the closest friendships that I have. 

6. I Appreciate Life

Why the hell not? I am living the greatest gift of them all. I overcame the greatest odds and was rewarded with the gift of life. From the people around me, to the beauty of nature, everything that fills this life is nothing short of a miracle. 

Appreciate Today

Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, and we focus solely on the things that we don’t have in life instead of all that we do have. When we do this, we become expecting, unappreciative, and eventually, we become filled with negativity. 

Rarely do we appreciate what we have in life until it gets taken away from us, so today, live with a purpose and appreciate all that you have and all that you are blessed with. By doing so, you will be filled with gratitude, with happiness, and your days will be better. Plus, you attract the thoughts that you think, so you will start to attract the good in life.

Michael Bonnell



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