Alter Your Mind If You Want To Alter Your Life

alter your mind
alter your mind

If you want to change the world, then you need to alter your life in order to do so. The easiest way to alter your life – alter your mind. 

I first began this whole self-improvement journey with little hope and with very few expectations. Over the course of the previous five years, I had tried everything to help me cope with my depression and to help moderate everything else that was screwed up inside of my head. From medication, to therapy, all the way to developing an obsession with exercising. No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to be working. With every day passing, I was losing more and more hope.

Altering My Mind

In a last-ditch effort, I decided to start writing. I wanted to start writing every single day as a way to not only challenge myself and prove to myself that I actually had the strength to achieve a goal that I set for myself, but also as a way to release my emotions. God only knows that keeping them bottled up in my mind wasn’t doing me any good. 

Every single day that passed, my hope was slowly but surely starting to increase. I was following through on the goal that I had set for myself, I had a source where I could release my emotions, I found a purpose of trying to inspire others, and more importantly, I was starting to take accountability for my life. 

The reason why I felt the way I did about my life was because I was allowing myself to feel that way. I was already in a negative state of mind, and I was only surrounding myself with more things that were dragging me down. I wasn’t focusing on my own well-being, and because I allowed myself to focus solely on the negatives in life, that’s exactly what my life had become.

Altering My Life 

There is no doubt in my mind that starting to take accountability for my life and trying to alter my mind is ultimately what helped me to alter my life. After previously making fun of anybody who read self-improvement books, anybody who believed in mastermind groups, anybody who thought that positive thoughts actually had power, and probably calling them a tree-hugging hippie, I quickly became one of those individuals. I wouldn’t say that I was a hypocrite, but rather just became less naive. 

Every morning I would find myself (and still do) going to a local coffee shop to write, read self-improvement and personal development books, listen to podcasts about the importance of positivity, and writing down my goals for the day. Again, mind you that today, I am the person that I would have thought so poorly of just over a year ago. It was like looking in the mirror at my own worst nightmare. 

The Results

Here’s the thing, though, it worked. All of the positivity that I was consuming was quickly becoming my life. I was no longer living a life in a negative state of mind. 

Instead, I began living a life that I actually enjoyed and began believing in what I am capable of achieving instead of doubting my every move. I began waking up with a purpose instead of simply going through the motions of life, and I began making the most out of this previous life that I am fortunate enough to live. 

The life that I am living today is nothing short of miraculous, especially compared to how I used to feel about my life. I am living the best life that I have ever lived, and it is all because I decided to make the commitment to alter my mind, which in turn, altered my life. 


You have the opportunity to do the same. I am not better than anybody else and I do not have superpowers. I just made a commitment to myself and followed through on that commitment no matter how difficult it was to do so. 

If you want to alter your life, then start to alter your mind. Start focusing on the good that already consumes your life, start focusing on all that you have accomplished up to this point, and start believing in all that you are truly capable of achieving no matter how difficult that may be. Again, whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.

Michael Bonnell



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