All Great Things Start With An Idea

all good things start with an idea
all good things start with an idea

Daily Blog #354

All great things start with an idea. But how does that small idea that you are thinking about come to fruition? There has been and will always be only one proven way to turn any idea into a reality, and that is by acting on that idea. Without taking some course of action on an idea, you will never know what could have truly been.

I need to admit something. I have been holding off on talking about this because part of me is a little embarrassed. One of my favorite entrepreneurs in the world, somebody whose work ethic is truly inspiring, is Jenna Kutcher.

I am not at all embarrassed because she is a female, but rather because she runs a business specifically directed towards helping other women entrepreneurs to grow their business. And, well if you haven’t realized yet, I’m not a female…

So how much do I look up to her? Well, if there was a Jenna Kutcher fan club, I would definitely be a part of it. Maybe I am partly biased because she too is from Minnesota, or maybe it’s because she literally created an empire out of a $300 camera from Craigslist. Either way, I find her to be truly inspiring.

All great things start with an idea

In one of her recent podcasts, Jenna talks about the growth of her podcast. In just two years since creating her podcast, her show has received more than two million downloads. When talking about the success of her show, she said the same thing. She said that if she didn’t act on the idea of starting a podcast, it would have never have turned into what it is today. And she is right. If she wouldn’t have taken the initial step in starting her podcast, there would be no Goal Digger Podcast like the one we know today.

This same concept has made me think about my own life as well. It has made me think about what my life would be like today if I wouldn’t have acted on the small idea that I had of trying to live a more positive lifestyle, if I wouldn’t have developed the obsession of trying to change the way I was living, if I wouldn’t have set the challenge of starting a daily blog, or if I wouldn’t have started to follow my dreams. What would my life look like if I wouldn’t have acted on these ideas?

While I will never be able to answer that with full certainty, I will be the first to tell you that I don’t want to know. I am happy that I will never know what my life would have looked like if I hadn’t acted on these ideas. Not because I hated my past that much, but because today, right this very moment, I am living the best life that I have ever lived. My relationships with others are stronger, the belief that I have in myself is greater, and overall, life itself is simply much more enjoyable to live. And it is all because I had an idea and I acted on it.

Act on your idea

I am writing for no other reason to encourage you to go after your dreams. Whatever you dream about achieving, or whatever small idea you have that just won’t leave your mind no matter how hard you try to forget about it, act on that idea. Do whatever is required of you to turn that idea into your reality. You are the only person who can act on your own ideas, and you are the only person that can achieve your own dreams.

Just like I mention every time when I talk about achieving your dreams, it won’t be easy. No matter how difficult it is, though, the reward will always be worth it. You are going to encounter bumps along the way, you are going to make mistakes, and you are going to contemplate the idea of giving up. But unless you act on your ideas, you will never know what could have been.

Take it from someone who used to be afraid to act on their beliefs because they were afraid of failure. It is not worth it. It is not worth wasting any amount of time when you could be creating the life you have always envisioned yourself living, and it is not worth it to ever wonder what could have been if you would have acted sooner.

Had I not acted on the idea of bettering my life and consuming myself with as much positivity as I possibly could, I dare say that I would still be living the same unhappy life. Had Jenna Kutcher not acted on her idea of starting a podcast, she wouldn’t have what is now one of the most widely known podcasts on iTunes. Had any successful entrepreneur not acted on their dreams, they wouldn’t have achieved the success they now have.

The point is, all great things start with an idea, and only those who act on their ideas will ever achieve them. Don’t let time pass you by. Start this very moment. Follow your vision of success, create your future, and focus on living the life you dream of living.

Michael Bonnell



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