You Can Achieve The Impossible. Here’s How.

achieve the impossible
achieve the impossible

4 tips to help you achieve the impossible

“Whatever you dream or believe you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Do you ever just ask yourself how? How do some people achieve the impossible? How do some people turn every vision in their mind into a successful reality while looking like they aren’t even trying? How can you start doing the same in your life as well?

It’s important to realize that success first starts with an idea. From there, the idea is planned out, executed, revised, executed again, and then finally achieved. Well… maybe.

Those who achieve success do so for primarily one reason, they don’t let what others think of to be as impossible stand in their way of achieving the things that they desire.

Take a moment, look around you, and listen to all of the sounds. Do you hear that car in the distance? Not long ago, being able to get from Point A to Point B in a gas powered wagon was something that most would have considered to be impossible. It wasn’t until Karl Benz built the first automobile in 1886 that the impossible all of a sudden became a reality.

Do you see that plane in the sky? Yes, the plane that is currently carrying hundreds of living lives while traveling at 300 miles per hour while traveling ten thousand feet above you? The concept of a passenger jet was something that a hundred years ago would have been thought of as impossible to ever achieve.

The first commercial flight didn’t occur until 1914, and eleven years before that, the concept of flying, in general, was something that very few believed in.

Last example for all of the millennials out there (don’t get mad, I’m a millennial too). We all love our cell phones. We can basically do anything on them from uploading 4k quality videos to YouTube, to face-timing people who live on the other side of the planet. It wasn’t until 1973 that the first cell phone was created, and no, that one didn’t have a camera to take selfies.

Achieve the impossible.

Not long ago, all of these ideas were considered to be impossible. It wasn’t until the imagination of man turned all of these impossibilities into possibilities. Whether you realize it or not, the imagination of man is what has shaped the world that you live in today.

Everything that surrounds us started with an idea. Skyscrapers, cars, televisions, ect. Hundred of years ago, these ideas all would have been considered to be impossible, until one crazy person bold enough to imagine them created them into a reality.

For centuries we have been told what we can and can’t achieve, and for centuries, we have listened. We have allowed the doubts of others to consume our thoughts, and we have allowed these same doubts to limit us from making our dreams into our own reality. But that ends today.

Take a risk on yourself.

To achieve the impossible, you first need to stop limiting yourself. You need to forget about the doubts that are being fed to you by others, and you need to forget about the doubts that lie in your own mind.

It’s time that you start acting on the things that you want to achieve. It’s time that you start imagining the impossible quickly becoming your reality because that’s the only way that it will ever come true. Every second that you waste from here on out is only time that you will never get back.

Will you fail?

Hopefully, you fail not just once, but many times. Not because you don’t deserve to be successful, but because failure makes you stronger. Failure helps to build strength and knowledge, and without having either strength or knowledge, how can one possibly expect to be successful?

Plus, failure isn’t always a bad thing. Do you know who fails? Those who have the courage to actually take risks on themselves. Do you know who doesn’t fail? Those who never give themselves the opportunity to achieve the impossible. You tell me which one you want to be.

Never stop moving forward.

There are going to be days where you are going to struggle, and there are also going to be days where don’t think like you are making much progress. But no matter what you do, never give up on yourself.

Believe in all that you are capable of achieving, put one foot in front of the other, and just do it. Chase the things that you desire to achieve in life because unless you do, they will only remain impossible to achieve.

Let your imagination run wild.

All throughout humanity, man has often proved the impossible to be possible. How? By believing in it and imagining the possible becoming a reality.

Your only limitations lie within your imagination and your willingness to work towards your dreams. Quit limiting yourself and let your imagination run wild. The only way that you will ever know what you are truly capable of achieving is if you at least try to achieve the things that you dream of achieving.

Don’t let the judgments of others stop you, don’t let your fears control you, and don’t let the thought of failure prevent you. Greatness lies directly on the other side of your fears. If you want to achieve something that others deem impossible, then you first need to believe that they are possible and you need to then work for them.

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