How To Accept Failure & Disappointment

Accept Failure and Disappointment
Accept Failure and Disappointment
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Daily Blog #295

I started writing daily nearly ten months ago. Personally, I find it crazy to think that it has already been that long and that I haven’t given up. At the time when I started to write on a daily basis, I was at a low point in my life. I was failing miserably in the relationships with my family, in the relationships with my friends, and most importantly, in the relationship with myself. My self-belief was at an all-time low, and the hope for a brighter future was diminishing just as were all of my relationships.

I needed a release. A personal outlet to express myself and the things that I was thinking. That outlet – writing. And why stop there? Why not challenge myself and try writing for 365 days straight. If I failed, well I was already failing at everything that I was doing, so what harm could one more failure do. My life was already in shambles, so the disappointment would have been minuscule.

But if I somehow managed to find a way to succeed (and unless I die in the next two months, I will), then not only would I have accomplished a next to near impossible goal that I set for myself, but I would also learn lessons that would help me to rebuild my life and all of the areas that were lacking. This was a chance that I was willing to take. The benefits were immense, and the fallout was a feeling that was nothing new to me – the feeling of being a failure.

See, to improve at anything, you need to embrace failure, and accept failure for the valuable learning opportunity that it is. To succeed at anything is to accept how many times you have failed, and how many times you have had the strength to pick yourself right back up again. All while knowing that you are going to fail some more.

If somebody is better than you at a given task, it is probably because they have endured more failure then you without giving up. And if you are better than somebody at a given take, it is probably because you have endured more failure then they have without giving up. Failure truly is the key to success.

You need to realize that accepting failure and accepting the pain associated with failure is the only way that you are going to grow in life. Just like enduring the pain and struggle of lifting heavy weights to become physically stronger, you need to be willing to endure emotional pain and struggle to become emotionally stronger as well.

Had I continued to be the ignorant person that I was, had I continued to act and think that I was better than everyone, and had I continued to deny the fact that I was failing, I dare say that I would still be the same miserable and shallow person that I was. But when I was willing to accept my failures and endure the pain that came with my many imperfections, only then was I able to change and grow my life.

Today, I am nearly two months away from achieving an incredibly big goal that I never thought I would actually achieve. Not only that, but I am honestly the happiest that I have ever been, and the relationships with myself, and with others are stronger than ever. All of this because I decided to accept failure, and take a chance on my already imperfect life. I am not perfect, but each and every day I am becoming a better version of the person that I want to become.

So, how do you accept failure? How do you see past your failures, and how do you accept the many disappointments in your life? You see every single failure as a chance to learn from your mistakes. You see failure as a tool to improve, instead of a barrier that is blocking you from where you want to go in life. And you see it as an opportunity to grow from who you are into who you want to be.

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