Hi there!

I’m Michael Bonnell.

I’m a small town Minnesota blogger with big dreams to help inspire the world, all while seeing the many beautiful treasures that it holds. I enjoy sushi, golfing with my friends and family, and traveling. Also, I have been the favorite child in my family since 1993. Just sayin’.

I am very passionate about raising awareness to mental health, and inspiring people to live life to the fullest. Why? Because I want others to learn from my mistakes. I haven’t always been a life-loving, self-love blogger, or whatever else it is that you want to call me. In fact, just a few years ago I was a straight up hot mess. Let’s hit the trifecta and say that I was all sorts of messed up mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and I would have been diagnosed with an eating disorder had I not have been too ashamed to seek help for it.

At the age of 22, my family and I packed up, and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Yeah, that lasted all of six months. No offense to anyone there, but it really just wasn’t my thing. So, I moved back home, and found my first corporate job.

As blessed as I am to have the job that I do, I am becoming more and more aware that there is so much more to life than being confined to the walls of a 5×5 cubicle, and waiting until 5pm on Friday to start living your life. No, screw that. This is our one life to live, so let’s learn to live it when we want, and how we want.

My mission through this blog is to not only be open about the mistakes that I have made in life, but also to inspire others to avoid making those same mistakes. I want to inspire those who are suffering, and help them to find the light that already burns fiercely inside each and every one of us. We can all accomplish whatever dream we want to achieve. We just need to be willing to work for our dreams, and believe in ourselves.

I am writing this “About” me page on December 16th, 2018. Watch this, whenever it is that you are reading this, know that at this exact moment, I am doing everything in my power to make my dreams turn into my reality. The best part is that I am going to take you along with me for the ride so that you can learn from my accomplishments, and from my failures.

Let’s do this thing together. And if we can’t be good, then we might as be good at it so we can at least say that we tried. So raise your glasses high, feel the energy, and give it a big ole FUCK-YEAH! This is our life to live, so let’s start living it. Don’t do it for others. Instead, do it for yourself.

Michael Bonnell