Abnormal Is The New Normal

Abnormal is the new normal

Abnormal is the new normal

Why being abnormal is the new normal

Do you ever just sit back in your chair, smile, and reflect on how fortunate you are to be alive. I mean seriously, there is so much to love in life. Every single day, I wake up and I can’t help but smile to the fact that I get to see a new day and have an opportunity to make it better than yesterday. I get to see the people I love, I get to do the things in life that I want to do, and I get to be me. People have often questioned me in my life, but what can I say, I guess I am just abnormal. That is alright because guess what? Abnormal is the new normal.

I personally believe that we are living in the greatest time known to man. I am not talking about five years ago, not twenty years ago, not a hundred years ago, but today. You and I are living in a time where we can express our opinions, where we can connect with others across the globe, and where cars can actually drive themselves. More so, we are living in a time where we can literally be anything that we want to be. We can be who we want to be without being scared of our differences. Think about it. When has there ever been a better time to inspire others, to be your own boss, and to express who you are as an individual? The answer is never.

Instead of focusing and trying to fit in with the “cool kids,” standing out and being your unique self has become the new cool. Being abnormal is the new normal. If this was the case when I was in high school, I may have willingly been nominated for Homecoming King. Instead, I feared that I would be nominated for Homecoming King as part of a sick and cruel joke that some of my classmates wanted to play on me. And yes, this actually happened. If only my parents would have waited five years to have me…

I am not mad that certain things in my life happened because I deserved it. Instead of being me and embracing my differences, I was trying (and failing) to fit in with a crowd that didn’t like me. They didn’t like me, nor did they resemble who I wanted to be as a person. If they told me to jump off of a bridge because it was the cool thing to do, I may have contemplated it. I was that hungry for the attention and acceptance of others. Well, not anymore.

The time to be you and pave your own path is now. Just take a moment and realize something. You literally have the world at the tips of your fingers. If you want to do something incredible with your life, do it. With the internet, social media, and technology only growing, the opportunities in today’s world are endless. If we want to jump in front of a camera and make YouTube videos, we can do so. If we want to start speaking to others about motivation and inspiration, we can do so.

With hard work and dedication, the impossible can now become possible. That is why there has never, and I mean NEVER been a better time to be who you truly are as an individual. Is it going to be easy? Of course not. Every single day we are all going to have obstacles in our life that are going to test us. As long as we continue to push through and show our strength’s, no obstacle will be too great to overcome.

I can attest to this. A year ago, heck, even six months ago I would never have considered blogging. Why? Because I was too afraid of being judged. Now, not only could I care less about what others think, but the world is also changing and developing. Everybody is embracing their differences and showing what it’s like to be independent. We don’t need to be scared anymore, we need to embrace.

I don’t blog on a daily basis because I want to be categorized as abnormal. I am daily blogging because I want others out there to be abnormal. Being abnormal shows that you are unique and that you aren’t like anyone else. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of that. Take risks, stand out, and be who you were meant to be as a person. 

When I think about the days where I was bullied because of my weight, I think about all of the people who tried to make my life miserable. Getting mad at them and wanting revenge would be too easy. Instead of focusing on them, now I focus on myself. I am not here to please people by being “normal.” I am here to help people feel what it is like to be “abnormal.”

My mission with this post is to inspire you. If there is one thing in my life that I want to do, it is to inspire others. I want others to be be proud to be their unique and individual self. With the internet and social networks only growing, there has never been a better time to show others what it means to be abnormal. Don’t look at being abnormal as a flaw. Embrace it and see abnormal as becoming the new normal.

Michael Bonnell



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