6 Personality Traits Of Incredibly Happy People

6 personality traits of incredibly happy people
6 personality traits of incredibly happy people

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Everybody wants to be happier in life. And I mean, why not? Have you ever noticed how happy individuals have better relationships in life, live a seemingly better life in general, and how they are just more fun to be around?

We don’t want to be around happier people because they have accomplished all of their dreams, because they are the most successful individuals in the world, or because they have the most money. We want to be around happier people simply for the fact that they are happy, and they help to make us feel happier as well.

What we surround ourselves with is ultimately what we become. If we surround ourselves with negativity and with negative individuals, we too will become negative. If we surround ourselves with positivity and with positive individuals, then we too will become positive and happier. I will let you decide which one you want to be.  

So what is it about happy people? Why are some people happy and not others? Here are 6 personality traits of incredibly happy people, and what you can do to find happiness to your life as well.

1. Happy people aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Have you ever noticed how happy people are always unique individuals who aren’t afraid to embrace their differences? They embrace their loud and outgoing laugh. They embrace their one of a kind style as they walk the streets in public. And they embrace their positive and optimistic attitude in a room full of angry politicians. The best yet, they do all of this without caring one bit about what others think of them.

If you want to be happier in life, then learn to embrace your differences, and don’t be scared to be yourself. Be the person that you were born to be, and never let anyone bring you down. Unfortunately, not everybody is going to like you. But you know what! At least you will like yourself.

2. Happy people laugh and have fun.

Why do we always have to be so serious in life? Life isn’t supposed to feel like a chore, it is meant to be enjoyed. If you want to be happy, start doing more of the things that make you laugh and have fun in life.

If you aren’t happy with where you are, know that only you have the power to change the outcome. Go on those adventures that you have always wanted to go on. Create the memories that you have always wanted to create. Experience all of the awe moments in life. And simply do all the things that you want to be doing in life. Yes, all of them.

3. Happy people ignore negativity and remain optimistic.

We all have a choice in life. We can choose to focus on the positives in life and live a happier life, or we can focus on the negatives and allow those negatives to impact our mood. But why not choose positivity and happiness? Why not choose what it is that is going to make us feel, well, I don’t know… happy.

If you want happiness, then you need to ignore negativity and focus on the positives in every situation. Positive energy attracts positive outcomes. If you want good things to happen to you, then believe good things will happen to you. If you want to be happier in life, then believe that you deserve to be happier in life. Focus on the good, and stay positive. When you do this, good things will come.

4. Happy people live in the present moment.

This one is probably the most difficult for anyone to achieve, but incredibly happy people always live in the present moment. The world that we live in is constantly going at a million miles per hour, and if we don’t do what we can do to keep up, we often feel like we are left in a cloud of dust behind the rest of society.

But the truth is, being present and taking time to enjoy the world around you will help to increase happiness. Enjoy your dinner with your family. Take a moment to inhale the smell of clean air. Watch the trees as they whistle in the wind. Just be in the present moment. Life is a beautiful gift that is filled with millions of treasures that surround all of us. We just need to learn to slow down and enjoy these treasures for what they are.

5. Happy people are grateful.

Do you realize what you and I are living right now, this thing called “life,” is the greatest gift in all of humanity? Like the odds of becoming a human being are one in four hundred trillion. Let that sink in. Not one in four hundred million, not one in four hundred billion, but one in four hundred trillion. And yet we still are not grateful enough for the life that we are so blessed to live.

To be happy, you have to be grateful for the life you have. You have to recognize all that you have instead of focusing on the things that you don’t. Sure, you may not have everything that you want, but you have far more than you need.

6. Happy people help those around them.

Ever realize that feeling that you get when you go out of your way to make somebody else happier? Well, that feeling that you get is also happiness – happiness in knowing that you are doing something to make a positive impact in the life of somebody else.

Give back as much as you can, be kind to others, hold the door open for strangers, even something as small as smiling at a stranger and asking them how their day is going. Happy people love giving back, and they love putting a smile on the face of others. Why? Simply because they are spreading happiness to others.

Finding happiness in life is not rocket science. Happiness is something that we are all capable of achieving. If you want to be incredibly happy, you just need to start by slowing down, recognizing all that you are truly blessed with, and choosing to focus on the good in life. Be the best you that you can be, live your best life, and be happy.

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