5 Things To Do When You Feel Depressed

when you feel depressed

when you feel depressed

These are the days that I hate the most. The days where my medication doesn’t seem to be working, and I am left feeling mentally out of it. I have absolutely zero motivation, I am tired no matter how much sleep I get, and I am just mentally drained. These are the days where depression seems to win and overrides everything positive about my life.

The good news is that I am on the back end of this stretch. Every month or two, there seems to be a few days during the week or weekend where my depression sets in, and plays games with my mind. This time though, I am winning.

While I still have some days that are better than others, I have come up with some techniques to help me to counter the severity of my depression. So, when you feel depressed, here are five things that have helped me to feel better.

  1. Get some sleep.

When I go through these patches where my depression kicks in, and takes away all of the enjoyment in life, odds are it’s because I am both physically and mentally exhausted.

The best thing to do when you feel depressed, is to make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Feeling depressed can (notice how I say CAN) be a way of your brain telling you that it needs to rest. I just wouldn’t recommend getting more than nine hours of sleep maximum.

  1. Get out and do something.

As much as I want my bed, and nothing but complete darkness, I know that this is not going to help me. I am a person who likes to always be doing something. The reason that I ask for more work at work, is because I hate being bored. The reason that I write for hours every day, is because I hate being bored. When I get bored, I get lost in my own thoughts. And well, when you feel depressed, the last thing that you want is to be trapped inside of your own head.

Get out of the house, go walk around a store, go to the mall, even go to a movie. Just do something to help get your mind off of what it is currently thinking.

  1. Move around and exercise.

When I start feeling depressed, I feel like the weight of the world is crashing down on me. All of those emotions get bottled up to the point where I feel like my head and chest might explode. That is why when I feel depressed, I like to get moving and just “let loose.”

Personally, I like to go into the gym to throw weights around, and to burn off some steam. Sometimes, it just feels good to sweat. It also helps me to take my mind off of what it is that I am thinking. I just throw in my headphones, let loose, and burn off any negative thoughts.

  1. Talk with somebody.

On Sunday morning, we had a family breakfast over at my parent’s house. No offense to them, but because I was struggling with my emotions, I did not want to be there. Well, I went anyhow. I sat on the couch, and just talked. To be honest, it felt good to talk to people. More importantly, people that love me.

As much as it pains you at the time, force yourself to interact with the people around you. Family, friends, co-workers, just interact with people and talk. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, just talk with someone to help ease your mind and feel human connection. Get your thoughts off of your chest, and let others help you.

  1. Write down what you are thinking.

This is still a new one for me, but damn do I love it. Writing has helped me in more ways that I could have ever imagined. There is just something about being able to write what it is that you are thinking, and not caring about what others think of it. Use writing as an outlet, and let your mind release all of its thoughts.

Write about things that make you happy, things that you are blessed with in life, what you are currently feeling. Just get your thoughts out of your head. It is not doing you any good to keep your thoughts trapped.

The best part about writing is that when you have a bad day, you are going to be able to reflect on your past thoughts to help put a smile on your face. You are either going to look back and remember how you overcame a certain struggle, or you are going to look back and think to yourself, “What the hell was I thinking?” Either way, it is bound to put a smile on your face.

This weekend was not one to remember. But not all days are going to be good ones. When you feel depressed, use these tips to bring some happiness back to your life. Above all else, remember that you are loved. You are worth living the life that you have, and you deserve to be happy.

Stay positive, and live your best life!

Michael Bonnell



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