What It’s Like To Write 480 Blog Posts In 480 Days

480 blog posts in 480 days
480 blog posts in 480 days
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I woke up this morning and was a little curious. I don’t know why, but I wanted to know how many straight days I have been blogging for. 

A few months ago I had surpassed a year. One year of blogging was initially my goal. I wanted to do something that was going to be challenging, something that would an extreme amount of dedication and effort, and something that would help me to change my life. 

Well, 365 days later I had successfully completed that something – I had blogged every single day for a full year. 

But I haven’t stopped. Blogging, writing, journaling, or whatever this is has become a new normal for me. It’s given me an outlet to express myself, and it truly has helped me to change my life for the better. If I don’t write for a day, I just feel off. 

When I think about blogging for a year and a half straight, it just doesn’t seem like that large of a number. I mean, a year and a half, 1.5, that’s a small number. But when I put it into the actual number of 480 consecutive days of writing, all I can say is wow… 

That’s 480 days of chasing a goal, 480 days of digging deep and sharing all areas of my life, 480 days of trying to bring some value to the lives of others. I’m truly impressed with myself. And because I have a “go-getter” mentality, all I can say is bring on 1,000. 

480 blog posts in 480 days

Things I learned from 480 blog posts in 480 days. 

The Difficulties

1. I’m not going to lie, when I first started blogging, I thought it was going to be a lot easier to maintain a blog. On an average day, I am probably spending three hours working on my blog, writing, creating content, ect. All of this on top of my fulltime job and trying to grow a social life. I would say that I was trying to “maintain” a social life, but I really didn’t have one until I started blogging. 

2. I also thought it was going to be easier to get traffic to my blog. Now, just to be clear, traffic is not my primary focus. At the same time, though, one of my goals is to inspire as many people as I possibly can to start taking chances on themselves and making the most of their life. Well, if I want to inspire as many lives as I possibly can, then traffic is kind of important. If people aren’t reading my blog, then I am not fulfilling my goal of inspiring and changing lives. 

3. Lastly, I assumed I would be making some amount of passive income from blogging. Again, it’s not my primary focus, but I think that we can all agree that it would be neat to make money from something that you are not only passionate about, but also something that you are doing regardless. 

I see all these bloggers out there posting attention-getting articles “How I Made $20,000 Blogging Last Month” or “How Blogging Helped Me To Quit My Job” you know, those kinds of headlines. 

But these headlines don’t represent the reality that most bloggers encounter. Sure, you can make money blogging – you can actually make a lot of money blogging, but it’s not going to be easy, and it’s not something that’s common. 

The Benefits

1. Do you know how I said blogging has helped to change my life? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding… I have never been happier in my life and it’s because blogging has helped to give me an outlet where I can express myself, where I can release my thoughts, and where I can just be me. I used to think that it was a bad thing to be me, but blogging has helped me to realize that being me is simply my greatest power. 

2. Blogging has taught me how to start taking risks in my life. I never used to take risks on myself… like ever. My days were like a song stuck on repeat. I would get up, go to work, do the same things after work, would keep to myself, and never really lived life to the fullest. 

But blogging has helped me to change my mindset. It’s helped me to realize that I can achieve any goal that I set for myself. While it’s not going to be easy, if I want something in life that I currently don’t have, then I needed to do something that I wasn’t doing – I needed to change.

3. Blogging has also taught me how to overcome challenges in life. Life is going to present obstacles, but no matter what, never give up. The minute we give up on ourselves and our goals is the minute that our dreams will only remain our dreams instead of becoming our reality. We are going to have to work for what we want and embrace every obstacle that life throws at us, but if we want it badly enough, then we will stop at nothing. The mind is a powerful tool, and when you train your mind to become strong, nothing will be able to stop you. 

Final Thoughts

When I started blogging, I did so with zero expectation of ever achieving my goal of writing every day for a year. Well, four months past that year and here I am, stronger than ever and loving life more than I ever have. 

No matter what your goal is, there truly isn’t anything that you can’t achieve. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, take a chance on yourself, and just be the best that you can be. Life isn’t about being perfect, but rather about learning from your mistakes and becoming better each and every day. Oddly enough, that’s something that blogging has taught me, and it’s a lesson that I have since applied to all areas in my life.  

All I can say is can’t stop and won’t stop. Ready or not, I’m going for 1,000 straight days.

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