Learn How To Set 2020 Resolutions And Make It Your Best Year Yet

2020 resolutions
2020 resolutions
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If you want to learn how to set 2020 resolutions that will actually stick and to make this upcoming year the best year yet, then this is for you.

The new year is an excellent time to start thinking about the goals that you want to achieve and to challenge yourself to actually work towards achieving these goals. It’s exciting to think of all of the possibilities that a new year can bring. We have all heard it before, “new year, new you.” 

I am always excited to ring in the new year. While I strive to act on my goals as they come to me, there is also something freeing and liberating about being able to flip the page and essentially have a fresh clean slate ahead of me. 

Over the past few weeks, I have done a lot of reflecting on the past year. I have created new goals, I have thought long and hard about what I want to achieve, and I have created systems to help keep me on track. These were some of the things that I did to help make 2019 the best year of my life, and now I am looking to build off of them to help make 2020 even that much better. 

New Years’ resolutions can be big or small. But don’t go into this year setting yourself up for failure before you can even get started. What I mean by this, is don’t go into the year setting resolutions for yourself that are too big or unreasonable. Instead of wanting to achieve everything overnight, start small and build your way up.

It’s also important to remember to do the things that you want to do to better yourself and the things that you want to do to better your life. The more attached you are to your resolutions and the more meaningful they are, the easier it will be to achieve them. 

It seems as if everybody has 2020 resolutions that they are trying to achieve. But the reality is that only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions on a yearly basis. And what’s even worse is that 75% of those who are setting 2020 resolutions will have given up on their resolutions within the first week of the new year. 

There are a lot of reasons why people set resolutions and fail. Maybe they weren’t specific enough on what they wanted. Maybe they didn’t have an adequate plan for how they were going to achieve their resolutions. Or maybe they didn’t take their resolutions seriously from the start.

Whatever the reasoning might be, we are going to prevent that. We are going to make this upcoming year the best year yet, and it all starts with our 2020 resolutions.

Here are my tips to help you set and achieve your 2020 resolutions. 

2020 resolutions

Reflect on your resolutions last year.

As you start creating your 2020 resolutions, take a look back on your 2019 resolutions and reflect on them for a moment. 

  • What were your 2019 resolutions? 
  • Did you accomplish your 2019 resolutions? 
  • What were some of the things that you struggled with?
  • What can you take away and apply towards your 2020 resolutions? 

Reflecting on the last year is crucial for setting yourself up for success. It will allow you to see what went well, what didn’t go so well, and will allow you to build and improve on your resolutions for the year ahead.

Make sure you are setting SMART resolutions.

It’s also important to set smart resolutions. Yes, you do want to set resolutions that you can achieve, but that’s not what I am talking about when I say SMART. 

Here is what it means to set SMART goals and how you can do so:

  • Specific: Narrow down your focus. Get specific on exactly what it is that you want. The more specific you are, the easier it is going to be to direct your actions towards achieving your goals.
  • Measurable: How are you going to measure your progress? How are you going to keep yourself on track, and how are you going to know if you are on the right path to success?
  • Attainable: This one is huge, but be sure to set attainable resolutions. This means setting resolutions that are going to challenge you, but also resolutions that you actually stand a chance of fulfilling. If you set unrealistic resolutions, you aren’t going to take them seriously. If you don’t take them seriously, then it is going to be incredibly difficult to achieve them.
  • Relevant: Set resolutions that matter to you. Why do you want to achieve these resolutions? How are they going to benefit your life? Do they actually matter to you? 
  • Time: How long is it going to take you to achieve your goals? What can you do today to help you achieve your goals in a timely manner? 

Start small, but make sure it’s impactful.

You aren’t going to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions overnight. I think this is where a lot of individuals go wrong. They go into the new year expecting to achieve their resolutions in a short amount of time or to see immediate progress. Once they realize how much time and effort it actually takes to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, they simply give up. 

One way to prevent this is to set small goals. Don’t give up on your resolutions simply because you are trying to build Rome in a day. Set resolutions for things that you are already doing on a daily basis, things that you know how to do, and things that are small and impactful. 

Break down your resolutions. 

In case you are somebody who loves setting big goals, break them down throughout the year. It’s easy to lose motivation and give up when you see how far left you have to go to achieve your goals, but remember that you have a full year to achieve them. 

If you have a New Year’s Resolution of losing weight over the course of the year, break that down over 12 months. How many pounds do you have to lose a month to stay on track to achieve your yearly goal? 

When you see a smaller number (one that you can achieve over the course of a month, but also one that leads to the completion of your yearly goal), it’s a lot easier to stay motivated and on track to achieve your goals. 

There are even some resolutions that feel too difficult because you don’t know where to start. When you break your resolution down into smaller steps, it will feel more manageable.

Create a plan and a visual.

Being able to see your resolutions and goals in front of you can act as a great motivator to help you stay on track. Not only is it fun to see them laid out in front of you, but it actually helps to keep you motivated. 

One thing that I did to help was to create a “Goals Board.” I printed out pictures of what it looked like to achieve my goals, the places where I want to travel to, the accomplishments that I want to see, etc. I combined them all on one poster and hung the poster on my wall. Every morning when I leave my room, I am reminded of what my goals and resolutions are, and it helps me to set an intention for that day. 

Aside from this, I also keep a copy of my goals and resolutions posted on my bathroom mirror, in the notes on my phone, and a written copy in my wallet. For me, if I don’t write my goals out and read them on a daily basis, I am much more likely to forget about them. 

Maybe you don’t want to create a board and put it in your room. Here are some other things that you can do as well:

  • Have a daily planner and write down your resolutions every day. 
  • Create a background for your phone.
  • Start a daily journal and track your progress daily. 
  • Set reminders on the calendar app on your phone, on your email, etc. 

Create positive behaviors and routines.

When you have a routine and have created positive behaviors that align with your goals, not only is it going to be a lot easier for you to stay on track with your goals, but you will be much more likely to succeed. 

Personally, I am a person who loves waking up in the morning and getting a few extra hours of “personal work” done before going into work. I am more productive and focused in the morning simply because my mind is clear and there are no distractions around me. Now, if I don’t wake up early and go through my standard morning routine, the rest of my day simply feels “off.”

The more positive behaviors you create, and the more you repeat these behaviors, the likelier it is that these behaviors will become habits. If you can create positive habits, you are setting yourself up for success. 

Reward yourself for your progress. 

Everybody in their right mind loves to be rewarded. In fact, rewards play a big role in almost everything that we do. 

You work because you get rewarded with a paycheck. You work out because you are rewarded with increased self-confidence. You eat healthy because you are rewarded with feeling healthier. So why would it be any different for your resolutions? 

Reward yourself with something big once you complete your resolution. Along the way, give yourself smaller rewards for progressing in the right direction. 

When I started my daily blog, I told myself that I was going to but myself a new laptop if I blogged for 365 straight days. Along the way, I also gave myself smaller rewards for writing for 100 straight days, 200 straight days, and 300 straight days. 

These rewards helped to keep me motivated to continue moving towards the main goal that I had of blogging for 365 straight days, and they also left me feeling excited to achieve the next small goal as well. 

Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Okay, here’s the scoop, you are going to make mistakes and slip up. That’s just part of life. But why would you allow a slip up to stop you from achieving your resolutions? 

Many people allow their first slip up to determine their success. If they miss a day or do something incorrectly, then they think that it’s over and there’s no point in continuing their resolutions. 

This is the wrong mindset to have because when you quit pursuing your resolutions, you are never going to create any change in your life. Nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t expect to be either. 

If you fail or slip up, learn from your mistakes, pick yourself back up, and go right back at it again. Acting on your resolutions until you achieve them is the only way to ensure that you will achieve success. 

What are your 2020 resolutions? What can you take away from this that will help you to achieve your 2020 resolutions?

Michael Bonnell

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