6 Lessons I Learned From Getting 100,000 Blog Views

100,000 blog views
100,000 blog views
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This past week when I was traveling to Moab, Utah, something happened that had nearly left me in tears. 

I had done it. I had created a blog that has reached 100,000 views. 

The best part is… it only took me sixteen months to get there. Yes, you read that correctly, sixteen, the big old one-six.

That’s not just sixteen months of writing whenever I felt like it or just on the weekends. That’s sixteen months of writing every single day since May 1st, 2018. Every. Single. Day.

Was it hard? Absolutely! Aside from breathing, eating, and talking, I can’t recall doing anything for sixteen months consecutively. Regardless, however, this journey has been one that I wouldn’t change for much of anything, and let me tell you why. 

100,000 blog views

6 Lessons I Learned From Getting 100,000 Blog Views

1. I am capable of achieving anything.

I have said that so many times before, but if you would have asked me when I first started blogging if I would have achieved my initial goal of writing for a year straight, I would have told you no. 

At the time that I set that goal, I wasn’t happy with my life and just set it out of the blue one day. I assumed that I would give up within the month as I had never been big into writing and had no idea how to blog in the first place. But I guess life had other plans for me. 

See, when you put your mind to something, there truly isn’t anything that you can’t achieve. As long as you have your end goal in sight and keep a positive mindset, you will achieve everything that you want. 

Goals Aren't Meant To Be Easy

2. Goals aren’t meant to be easy.

Nothing worth having in life ever comes easy, and nothing that comes easy in life is ever worth having.

I’m not going to lie, when I first started writing, I thought I would be at 100,000 blog views in no time. I thought success was going to find me immediately and thought that blogging would be easy.

Well, I was wrong. It was definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be. As I said, I have been writing every single day for sixteen months. While it may take some a few months to get to 100,000 views, it may take others years. 

While it was hard, the amount of time and dedication that I have put into my writing has only made the reward of reaching 100,000 views all that much more rewarding.

3. Start small and focus on progression, not perfection.

The only way to know what you are capable of achieving is to start. If you don’t start, you will never know what you are capable of. 

Set goals for yourself, have a timeline of when you want to achieve your goals by, and focus on bettering yourself every single day. A goal without a timeline is just a dream. Stay motivated by giving yourself a deadline, that way you will be more inclined to push through any adversity that you may face.

4. You will never get anywhere in life by quitting

There have been many times where I have wanted to quit or give up because I wasn’t seeing the growth that I wanted. I was starting to allow the “numbers game” of writing to get to me instead of focusing on the reason why I started writing in the first place. 

The thing is though, once you quit, everything that you have ever worked for immediately goes down the drain. All of your hard work would have been a big waste of time and you will never know how close you were to actually achieving that goal. The only way to know is to keep moving forward. 

100,000 blog views

5. There is no right way, only your way

There are many bloggers and writers out there who claim to know the key to growing a blog. Maybe they do have some tips that will be beneficial, but always remember that what might work for somebody may not work for you. 

This isn’t just with writing. It’s with everything in life. You are you and that is your power. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them, grow from them, and move on from them. As long as you have your end-goal in sight, there shouldn’t be anything that can stop you from achieving your goals. 

6. Life is a process. Trust that process

As much as it sucks, you aren’t just going to wake up one day and achieve your goals with the snap of a finger. Life is a process and you have to be willing to trust it

Whatever you want to achieve, you just have to know that it’s already out there waiting for you. You are going to have to work hard for the things that you want to achieve, and you are going to have to be willing to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way, but as long as you stay disciplined and trust the process, you will find your way to whatever it is that you are chasing.

Final Thoughts

Blogging my way to 100,000 blog views has been a journey. I have learned so many things about myself through this journey, but none more important than knowing I am strong. As long as I never give up and keep moving forward with everything I have, I will achieve any goal that I set for myself. 

My best piece of advice for you with whatever you want to achieve, do it because you want to do it. Don’t start blogging for the “fame,” don’t get a job to try to make others happy, and don’t waste your energy trying to be somebody your not. When you are your true and authentic self, good things will come. It’s not for you to determine when, but trust me, they will come.

Michael Bonnell

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